By guttergrave on August 25th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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16 2
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Driven by madness, Barand isolated himself from Charr society, far below the belly of the Black Citadel. He mingled with the raving, dined with the poor. His steps were automatic, and the claw of his missing hand tapped the walls as he felt his path, paranoid that someone was following him....

Met by his long lost father, a mysterious Revenant, he was finally able to leave the city and go on a journey with his sire, to train and hone his abilities-- alongside his half brother, a burly charr warrior named Calvus. Surprised, yet curious of his new family, Barand stuck close to the brother he had never met before.

Together, they became inseparable. He counted on his brother's unrivaled strength and ability to guide him-- and in return, his brother Calvus relied on Barand's magic, which coupled fire and the healing power of water. Once their mysterious sire left them after many moons of training, they stuck even closer together and dedicated their time to traveling and helping those in need.


a redux of my charr elementalist Barand Redburden, I hope you enjoyed him : )

i am open to critiques and suggestions, thank you all!

The staff is the Spectral Staff :)


Oh boy my charr mentioned in a description ;) I guess I'll have to post him semi-ish soon.

You know how I feel about this boy, much love.
2017-08-25 2:07

ty :)
2017-08-25 2:11 in reply to kingstead

Screens are super cool, first one really give a great feeling of power coming from your charr.
And the mix is really cool too, nice dye job, everything fits together. Definitly gold :D
2017-08-25 8:27

Fashion Collector
Great job with the armor combo, especially with that hook. And the your screenshots are great as well!
2017-08-25 10:14

Very cool armor combination! And the first screenshot edit is well done. The dyes are very natural :)

Good job!
2017-08-25 14:01

Thank you I really appreciate it! :D
2017-08-25 20:48 in reply to Migg

ty soooo much
2017-08-25 20:49 in reply to steamius

thanks I'm so happy to hear that, I have a hard time dressing up in light armor :)
2017-08-25 20:49 in reply to Pattou

Fashion Collector
"Help wanted"? Please remove that, this outfit is perfect. Nothing more to say.
2017-08-25 23:38

Elessar Taralom
Really nice Charr outfit!
I love the way you used blue and red together
Also great presentation!
Gold from me ^^
2017-08-26 7:41

Omggg ty soo much I 'm so happy
2017-08-26 18:46 in reply to Vetkin

ty sooo much
2017-08-26 18:47 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Collector
Probably as close as we get to a ritualist in gw2. Nostalgia. I really like how you dyed this, its a unique look :)
2017-08-27 4:20

Fashion Collector
I love me some charr! Good Job very unique color combination.
2017-09-06 3:43