Feathered Swamp Shaman

By Furious Paws on August 24th, 2017
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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A brown feathered shaman, capable of restoring wounds. He mostly inhabits swamps, although sometimes he moves to a jungle. He usually doesn't like it when you enter his swamp. In order to be restored and cleansed, you must do him some tasks.

These tasks may vary,just doing his laundry or slaying a gigantic jungle wurm that's been bothering him. It depends on many things, like his mood, the time of the day or difference of opinion.

I wanted to make a moody feathered guardian shaman who lives in isolation. He's a grumpy shaman, its hard to please him.

Some of the pictures have pitfighter pants, although i decided to change to scallywag.


What an awesome concept! I love his backstory and the screenshots you got of him. I didn't even think he was a heavy armor set until I looked at the description. Instant gold from me. :)
2017-08-25 1:39

Fashion Collector
Very Cute Asura!
2017-09-06 3:45

Fashion Collector
Your pictures tell story. Very successful.
2019-01-23 8:50