Desert Barbarian

By Zalashiji on August 12th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Grey
Vote Breakdown
2 1
2 0
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I wanted to do something special for the demo since we only have such a short time with it and thought not only was it a good way to practice taking screenshots but also a way of broadening out design ideas. I'm going for more of a Raider Barbarian mixed with Gladiator sort of look to compliment the Desert Demo we're in.


fits in so well with the expansion that even the character select screenshot looks great! XD awesome job. Affordable and easy-to-acquire armor mix and dye color, but that's probably why the skin looks very immersive.
2017-08-12 15:15

Thanks! Yeah I wanted to go for more of a rugged look and since more natural tones are getting to be popular on here I figure I'd break out of my mold a little and play around with that.
2017-08-12 15:35

I love it!
2017-08-14 4:35

You do know that you voted Bronze tho?
You have to pull each slider individually and the votes will become the average of all sliders.
Each slider-position equals one medal: from left to right: No Medal - Bronze - Silver - Gold.
So the more red the slider is, the better the vote becomes ;)
I hope is was helpful.
2017-08-14 8:13 in reply to Clarencezer