The Lightbringer (Commander's chronicles I)

By Iluvaldur on August 9th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Gold
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“Do you have a moment? “
“Yes master, what can I do for you? “
“I hope you remember, that my position as master of whisper needs to be kept secret. Don’t call me master, when everybody can hear us! “
“Of course master!” I said grinning
Riel smiled
“I have a new mission for you, one of our agents got caught, we must free her, before something happens to her. She is still unexperienced and she might talk.”
“Yeah I have heard of her, she was infiltrating the pirates camp right?”
“I am surprised you know that? Only Valenze and I are informed about her mission.”
“Well I guess it is my job to know the unknowable.”
“I like you Lightbringer.”
We both started laughing

The mission was standard, a simple search and rescue mission. I could have just sneaked into the pirate camp and freed the agent, without anybody noticing, but this was a bit too boring for my taste so I decided to have some fun with those pirate scumbags. You don’t need much to impress pirates, adding some flames and a decent amount of gold to my order armour should do. Some special (obviously spiked) liqueur and my plan was finished. Every normal intelligent could see through this plan, but not pirates. They see gold, fire and alcohol and they are blinded. It’ll be fun to trick them like this.

Heyyy ! ’m back and I proudly present you my rangers first style and the story, why it is so golden and burning. I guess it is not the best choice for a spy to have fire and big metal chunks on his armour, but he kind of got used to it.
I used the privateer black lion weapons and the agent's pack , they weren't on the list.
Those in game screenshots always look so ugly and grey, so I decided to edit them to how they look in my game, because everyone else seems to do it too (I didn't changed colours etc.; I also couldn’t resist editing some of them a bit more, you'll see which; I also left some raw...). This is the first style of my main character and the first chapter of his lore. I uploaded the other two parts of his story earlier, because I originally didn’t intended to make a series out of it… my bad
Anyways here are the other two parts
II The Mordrem
III Guardian of the forgotten ruins


Such a great way to use the flame citadel skins!
Amazing presentation ontop!
Gold from me :)
2017-08-09 18:35

Thank you ^^
2017-08-09 18:59 in reply to Hylek

Love your screenshots, especially the ninth :)
2017-08-12 12:40

Thank you ^^ it needed a lot of timing...
2017-08-12 12:43 in reply to Jackdaw