Cura the Ele

By Eru Iluvatar on August 7th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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My elementalist Cura. I went for a guardian of nature/the forest type of thing and well... it turned out like this.

Anyway hope you like it! ^^


The overall outfit looks pretty nice!
First of all: the backpack is out of place xD
It doesnt fit in theme-wise and just looks weird to me.
The armor-comb is very cool, i even like the scarf here! However i feel like you could find better gloves, or maybe just make them glow in a different colour? A turquoise hue would fit the ornament of the leg-piece and the leyline stuff much better imo.
Your staff looks very nice here! Simple and fitting for a mage theme.

To your presentation:
Your screens aare nice but a bit boring ^^
The forest is actually quite pretty and fitting, but you need to do some posing! Your char looks the same in each picture :P
Some action screens always spice up the presentation, or just some different poses.
You should also zoom in a bit more. The camera options in the settings are a great help when it comes to taking good screenshots!
And last but not least a few different locations are always more interesting ;)

Overall promising upload, but needs some polish, Silver from me :)
2017-08-08 11:42

I think the backpack is a bit out of place, but otherwise it's really crisp!
2017-08-18 17:39

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