Arcane Trickster Charr

By Zalashiji on August 4th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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I initially made this Charr as a normal Mesmer only to find that to dress as a normal mesmer is almost impossible as a Charr due to the fact most things look awkward and bulky. Over time it was designed to try and look more like a housecat with some inspirations to Nekomata from various other works and Japanese Mythos and Jubei from Blazblue.

Suggestions are welcome.

The sword is Shimmering Greatsword, the back pack is Initiate's. I mention them here because the site doesn't have either of those items in its database.


2017-08-04 17:23

This is one of the best-looking Charr I've seen.
2017-08-05 4:26

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