Norn Ranger

By PppPlyr1 on July 31st, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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The snow fell silently on the hills. Not a whisper but the wind caressing the frozen woods. Up ahead, some grawl blissfully setting up camp next to the yet unfrozen river. Unbeknownst to them, I am here. I, Slayer of Isormir, Commander of the Pact, Zhaitan's Bane, have come...

Hey guys! Thought I might take a shot at this again :)

Here's my Norn Ranger. Took some time to unlock the Houndskin Mantle, but it was worth it. As of yet, I have not unlocked the Beastslayer Short Bow, which I intend to use to complete the outfit. Other than that, I'm quite happy with it. Not entirely sure about combining blue and green though, but, hey, I tried :P

Any criticism is welcome, especially the constructive kind :)


Roasted Chicken
I think youre Norn is pretty good though i don't like the shoulders on women that much becaus they look in my opinion a little too bulky, but thats a matter of taste. For the Dye you could try matching grey tones with the green. I think it would fit better to a norn.
2017-07-31 14:35

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