Beast Slayer - Dragon Hunter

By LostSan1ty on July 30th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Grey
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A fierce look for a powerfull beast slaying DragonHunter.
This Set has no armor pieces from the the same set so all six pieces are from other sets.


This is just a full black and red look to match twilight. Nothing original in that, ontop of the colour-scheme looking quite bad on its own imo.
Your armor-comb is super nice! You should stick to its natural theme and only incorporate the black and red of twilight within the details!

And ... presentation matters!!! You basically provided one screen ...
2017-07-30 11:22

Yeah I am not really good at taking screenshots and stuff like that XD and yes I do know that the color's arent orginal but I would love to know which colors you would use :D!
2017-08-01 11:32 in reply to Hylek

I'd use a bit lighter shade for the hound mantle to show its details. it's too black even on the character screen, so in-game lighting would mostly make it worse than better.

Also, from the looks of it, since your helm and the mantle is, you know, a hound, I'd rather keep consistent with it! take off the Dragonhunter Gauntlet for something else. I'm pretty sure you can find something else that'll be of good taste :)

I REALLY wanted that helm skin, but I just couldn't get it
in the end... hopefully they release it again soon :(

2017-08-02 3:12

Oh yeah, like what Hylek had said, I'd love to see more of your character than just the front view from character screen.

Shift+Ctrl+H will remove the interface for you to take screenshots.
2017-08-02 3:20