Primordus Champion

By thiendai124 on July 21st, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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1 3
1 0
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A heavy armor mix for people who like the baddass of primordus and his lore, mix on a warrior character.
sr the page hasnt adding the new legendary mace and new living world backpack so i'm gonna add wiki link for them here: Mace (, backpack (
2 screenshots are taken on login screen, one of them is with sweet fx on.
And sr for my bad English. Hope u guys enjoy!.


Very nice. If I saw your character I would say he is a lava corrupted norn. The dyes work extremely well on the armour. My one gripe is the gloves. The work well but the texture makes them seem a little off. Otherwise Great Work.
2017-07-22 9:56

I usually dont like it when the metal parts have such "unnatural" colours, but i somehow really like this look :D
Probz for being able to incorporate the gloves into the armor-comb in a way they dont stick out and look super out of place, because thats usually the issue with them.
Your weapons are super fitting aswell.
And even though i like your screens, a few different locations wouldve been nice :P

However, one thing ruins it for me: the ghostly infusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It looks so out of place :/
It neither fits the theme, the colours, nor the general appearence of your look.

Overall its a Silver from me.
2017-07-23 11:50