Vampire Slayer

By Eremite on July 16th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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He had a twin brother. Ashford was his name. Infected by an unknown plague, Ashford had turned into a blood-thirsty vampire, slaughtering their entire family of 9 on the very same him.

200 years later, as he stood overlooking the wasteland, he still recalled that fateful night if it was yesterday...

"Run! Save yourself!", Ashford screamed, clasping his bloodied hands to his head as he fought to remain in control of his last shred of sanity. Around him lay the broken bodies of his parents and siblings, drained of blood. He convulsed violently, blood and spittle dripping messily from his mouth. Before him knelt his brother who was too terrified to move. His last family. "Aaaahhhh!!!", Ashford screamed again in a maddening wail as his nails dug deep and raked slowly down his face. Summoning his final ounce of strength, bat-like wings tore its way out from his back and unfurled with a leathery snap as he threw himself into the night sky, leaving behind a family broken forever...

A tear slipped from under his dark glasses as he turned his gaze up to the reddened sky, "I will save you brother...if it is the last thing I do..."


His brother here if you're interested:

Hi all! Created this for memory's sake. A modern-ish vampire slayer design with trademark sunglasses and sleek clothes and all the flashy CGI you see in movies. Was lazy to find a new area so just used the same area for the screens as my earlier design XD.


Star-Spangled Skies
I have a feeling that even Lion's Arch would be a better background to take screens in. I can barely see Nightfury against the rocky backdrop, and Bloodstone Fen makes darks darker and lights brighter - not necessarily a good combination with your bright purple attack animations. It drowns out the details of your clothing. Just a red sky without floating rocks would probably be better.
Nonetheless, I really like the simplicity of your outfit. It has a pretty modern movie vibe to it. Silver for now, but with a better background it's golden.
2017-07-16 17:07

Fashion Guru
Few shots from different map would be nice, but apart from that I really like this. It somehow remids me anime style. Nice story too :)
2017-07-16 20:21

Comments well noted. I could definitely have chosen a better location for the screens =)
2017-07-17 10:58 in reply to Star-Spangled Skies

Glad you liked the story =)
And I just have to say again, amazing job with Alice. I loved it as much as your design on the necro princess.
Spooky looks are hard to pull off. You did it extremely well with Alice =)
2017-07-17 11:03 in reply to Katushka

Fashion Guru
Thanks, I appreciate that :) I'd say I generally like the spooky looks the most, but I rarely create some. I'm happy people actually liked it ^^
2017-07-17 15:16 in reply to Eremite

Fashion Collector
The screens have a lot of effects going on, plus the effect heavy setting. Mind adding some screens in under lighting conditions?
2017-07-17 19:14

Hello. Thanks for the thoughts. I did it more for storing the character's design as a memory. Screens were just something extra I took lazily and added without much thought/effort. Very sorry I don't intend to add more to this.
2017-07-18 9:37 in reply to dellyz

Fashion Guru
Hey I love the actual look of the character in the selection screen. Really modern vamp chic! As others have said you can't really see him that well with all the effects. Still pretty cool though :)
2017-08-15 6:51

Thanks for the thoughts =)
2017-08-16 2:50 in reply to Mihrean

Fashion Guru
Amazingly weird and wonderful, poor anguished soul! Gold from me, his face did it.
2019-03-05 7:19