The Druid

By jesandsteven on July 15th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Hi all o/
So this is my take on the Druid. Nothing really overly exciting with my choice of armor combination. I wanted the look to revolve around the back. Incorporating the stone and wood elements.
When using the Dark Chocolate dye on the top you get the extra happenstance of the secondary bright green accents. I then chose to bring that bright green into the rest of the look. I chose these particular shoulders, that i use often, because I like how the can substitute for some leafy elements. I also like to use the gloves for this same reason. Then, the boots to add a bit more of the stone accents. I chose the legs for similar reasons, to add both wood elements of her skin and some more of the bright green leafy bits.
For the toon creation I tried to match the bright green leaves of the back. I also added the orange on the skin pattern for the bit of oranges glowing orbs that emanate from the back. I tried to get her glow color to match as closely as possible, and her eyes to coincide with the blue glow from the top and the back.
I hope that some of you may enjoy my take on a druid. :)

Pieces unable to be selected:
Staff: Druid's Staff
Mini: Nature Spirit
Back: The Wayfarer Henge


Star-Spangled Skies
The traditional ranger look is great. The illusion of grass growing out of your gloves is pretty neat, too. Coupled with the leystone armor and "hair", your outfit looks like a miniature forest.
2017-07-16 17:24

Fashion Guru
Nice druid look. The dye combination is quite unusual, I like it very much :)
2017-07-16 20:08

Ah, a good oldfashioned druid theme :D
I like the virbant green as highlights here! The skins you chose are also not very common, so theres some portion of uniqueness too!
Your screens are definitely beautiful! Its cool how you incorporated the spirits in it!
Backpack and staff round up the look perfectly!
Im always a fan of themes that stick to the professions theme. Looks like you went back to these ROOTS too ;D
... i find the door myself ... after leaving you a Gold ofc!
2017-07-17 10:58

Elessar Taralom
Really good look for the backpiece!
It´s a classic Sylvari look without overusing the cultural armour at all which I quite like!
As always I am impressed how well you can use green in your look, all the little pieces popping out on the armour are a real eyecatcher!
Needless to say that the presentation is all you could ask for, very well done!
Gold ofc ^^
2017-07-19 4:54

typical and nice druid look!
the backpiece looks really lovely on her and the weapons are perfect for this outfit.
gold from me :)
2017-07-21 10:57

Fashion Collector
Love the earth tones with plant color accents!
2017-07-25 0:38

Fashion Guru
Thanks for all the great comments
2017-07-29 8:36

Fashion Guru
Wow, I love this, and it's kinda what I was planning on changing my druid to eventually: pretty much piece for piece except for the boots/shoulderguards! presentation is gorgeous, and I love how you've used that mini / actual druid spirits and the less detailed staff for the branch effect. Gold :)
2017-08-15 6:54