Iron Legion Prowling Ranger

By dellyz on July 14th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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9 1
1 0
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Name: Zaishe Bloodseeker
Blood Warband Affiliates: Kanurgoz Bloodmarrow, Menzhum Lifeblood, Tyrize Bloodrage
Home: Black Citadel
Specialty: Iron Legion Master of Combat, Cartographer, Bounty Hunter, Product of selective breeding.

Bio: Zaishe is the product of generations of selective breeding under the Iron Legion. The Iron Legion wanted a soldier who would be unstoppable and capable to enduring the most dangerous of tasks and battling the elder dragons' minions. She was forged a special armor-set with a light and nimble leather coat which is plated with the finest metal plating forged by the Black Citadel's best armor-smiths. Due to generations of selective breeding, she towers over all other Charr and even the biggest males. Her strength and combat abilities are unmatched.

As a young cub, she was feared by other cubs due to her strength and size and often trained alone due to her special attributes and heritage. One day, she met a Blood Legion cub prodigy named Tyrize who was tasked to be her training partner. Tyrize was the prized prodigy of the Blood Legion and wanted to test his capabilities with Zaishe. Both Legions wanted to the best soldier to lead the fight against the dragons. While Tyrize swiftly ascended the ranks and was given normal duties. Zaishe was never given a rank because of her heritage and unique attributes. Although she hold no official rank, the Charr tribunes respect her abilities and suspect she may one day become Khan-ur.

Day by day she travels across Tyria due to her fondness for cartography. She completes local bounties deemed to dangerous for normal adventurers and battles any willing challenger. Even the strongest Norn are subdued by her strength. Many Charr warbands have attempted to battle her in hopes to beat her and take her into their warband, but Zaishe remains undefeated. She openly accepts any Challenger and is willing to join their cause if they are worthy.

Many years later during a series of 1v1's against Charr challengers, she meets an adult Tyrize who is now a respected Blood Legion Centurion. This time Tyrize wanted her to join his Warband and was prepared to battle. Zaishe noticed he had deep red glow occasionally emitting from his blue-eyes, and a special chest plate emitting deep red. She did not fear Tyrize and was excited to battle her cubhood-friend. The fight was 1v1 with no weaponry allowed, because this was the Black Citadel's test of combat prowess. The fight lasted over an hour, far longer than any of her usual fights, before she decided to give a decisive blow straight into Tyrize's chest. The wild-blow had the power of cannon and knocked Tyrize straight into the Arena's walls. She thought she had won, but she felt an aura emitting from her opponent. Tyrize's chest plate had cracked and blood red energy was emitting from his chest and eyes. Tyrize entered a bersker rage, grew into the size of a Juggernaut, and charged Zaishe like a Bloodcrazed Dolyak. He barraged her with unrelenting blows pushing her back closer to the arena's walls. Suddenly, a Charr necromancer (Menzhum Lifeblood) jumped into the arena and casted a blood magic spell on Tyrize thus subduing the assault and knocking him out. Tyrize was quickly escorted away, while Zaishe remains standing in the arena...

Zaishe had never been pushed back before in battle, and never felt the thrill of a true challenge before. She was excited by the battle with her cubhood-friend. Despite, not officially finishing the match she decided to join Tyrize's Warband and join their journey. Reunited with her cubhood-friend and new allies she hopes to start on her new adventure...once Tyrize wakes up.

Personal Inspiration: This is my 4th Charr warband member, with a 5th in the works. I wanted to create a armor plated leather look because there are too many trench coats (like 95%) in the game. Since this place likes a story behind a look I decided to give all my warband members a background story.

I like to think Zaishe has a unique hunter stance when fighting similar to a tiger pouncing on its prey. I wanted to accent her armor with ribbons because I like the color and found weapon sets that pairs well and accents the armor nicely. I painted her horns to match her eye color, kind of like how girls paint their nail for fun to match their style. Weaponset- Ebb & Flow, Bo, Belinda's Greatsword.

Enjoy! Any feedback would be welcomed so I can improve on the 5th warband member. Thank you!


Elessar Taralom
I am a little on the fence about this look: one the one hand I feel like nothing really shouldn´t go together armourwise, but on the other side she DOES look really great, so you somehow made it work! Although I´d maybe take out the green devil horns, they just stick out a bit too weirdly (or at least dye them in a natural colour so they just look like additional horns)
Totally in love with the dyes, I saw some real cool red/blue/bronze looks lately and this is no exception! Very inspirational
Your presentation is simply phenomenal and it gives your Charr a lot of character; so many good action poses and such nice storytelling!
Overall a super strong look, gold from me ^^
2017-07-14 7:26

Darenfil At SoS
Elessar says it all :)
2017-07-14 9:24

I have to admit initially I wasn't too fond of the armor choice, but it fits together decently and makes the character look like it's wearing plate armor. It's a pretty unique take on a charr look and it's a wonderful one at that :D
2017-07-14 10:58

Fashion Collector
Yep. I was going for the armored-leather look because she is an Iron Legion member and since the Iron Legion are a bunch of armored security guards. I got myself invested into mixing lore.
2017-07-14 14:23 in reply to frederickx

Fashion Collector
I am glad you the presentation! You always give good constructive fashion judgment, thank you. On the fence and you still gave me gold, WOW I am glad I somehow won you over in the end. =D

I have a weird need to give all my Charrs a "unique" features/traits for their face/hair. My Charrs have Blue-eyes, Orange hair, etc. I don't know why I do this . Originally I went with crushed bone dye on horns, but I couldn't resist making an oddity on her and match her eyes. XD

2017-07-14 14:31 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Great looking charr with great presentation, definitely a Gold :D
2017-07-14 14:40

the outfit looks a bit unremarkable at the main screen but the other screens are fantastic.
I actually really like the armor combo and the heaviness of it, the shoulders look awesome on her!
also nice tasteful dye combo and the sword definitely fits.
gold from me :)
2017-07-15 16:37

Fashion Collector
I feel precisely the same as Elessar, I feel like a lot of the pieces don't fit Why does it work, how did you do this, it's good! How! I love it, it's a nice samurai-ish charr, that's so hard to do and it is done. I'll give this a gold, I have to, has some witchery in it.
2017-07-17 5:28

Fashion Collector
Fashion Wars, at least for me, is finding combinations and making them work. I never thought about the samurai charr, I guess it was unintentional.
2017-07-17 18:22 in reply to Ashwolf

Fashion Collector
I am glad you enjoyed an armored medium look.
I try to pick out better main screens in the future, maybe it will draw more eyes. Metal pieces with certain dyes are very interesting because it reacts to the day/night. It appears gold in some lighting, but silver/bronze in daylight.
2017-07-17 18:26 in reply to Chro