A blueberry !!

By Unreal Faith on July 8th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
5 1
6 1
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My chronomancer. He's blue. :)


Maybe it would be better to upload one decent look with some more screenshots from different angles and with various lighting instead of creating few without any info about them?.. Also, outfits could look great, no doubt, but at the same time they require minimum creativity and therefore would be rated pretty low.
2017-07-08 10:35

Im Jelqing
This is a pure example of straight laziness and trashy look, first off it doesn't require skill to put on an "outfit" and change the dyes and find an item that goes with it ( your jormag sword ) a 2 year old can put that together using something called common sense, which clearly you don't have. It's okay I wouldn't feel bad, half of these kids on here don't have it.

Not even worth anyones time nor rating.
2017-07-08 13:45

Star-Spangled Skies
Im Jelqing, you need to stop the flaming. It's his first time here, so perhaps you could give some constructive criticism instead of throwing a fit like a 2 year old.
2017-07-08 16:50

Fashion Collector
I really like the color you used and the whole thing really is cool but an outfit here usually gets low ratings unless its been presented really nicely.
2017-07-08 19:08

Fashion Collector
Only one vote is good for your presentation. Gray circle :).
2017-07-09 5:31

I think you made the most of this outfit and it looks fancy but now too fancy xD
I like the combination with the sword and shield.
Sadly your presentation, as others mentioned, is ehm almost non existant. I asume, the new outfit is not in the database yet, so it's ok ,that you haven't selected it. The least you could do is specify the dyes you used in the description, as well as selecting the weapons skins under "specify armor". Then maybe some thoughts to the look would be cool and most of all screen shots. You showed us your character from different angles (that's good) but some sreens in the open world, posing or action screens in combat would be nice :)
2017-07-10 6:00

The shiny blue stuff does look interesting ... however it is still an outfit and outfits need superior presentation to achieve high votes here :S
Your presentation needs much to be wanting though.
2017-07-10 10:05