The Dark Traveler

By Ryuuzaki13 on July 6th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
Vote Breakdown
1 2
4 1
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This would be my Human male Warrior, it's the first character that i created since i started playing the game.
i've changed his look many times but i stopped with this one because it fits so well imo and i've gotten few compliments from few people ingame so i thought that i should share it with you guys.
i'm using the "abyss" dye if anyone's wondering.


Oh dear god.
I give it Edgy/10 Not Enough CLANG and Hai Yo
2017-07-07 20:02

Fashion Collector
Armor mix present something. But no more i can't say good for your presentation.
2017-07-09 5:37

Fashion Collector
i like your armor combo!
i think it might be a little too heavy on the super dark dyes, but at least you didn't go with full abyss.
you should take more screens!
2017-07-09 15:37

Elessar Taralom
The armour mix is nice, but the super dark dye job swallows all armour details
Presentation is super lazy, this could be a nice vote with a better presentation, but as it is now, I could sadly only vote poorly
2017-07-10 9:34