King of Britannia

By Aurska on July 5th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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2 6
1 0
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Comtess Anise had heard stories about an ancient realm during her mesmer studies and decided to work on a magic portal that would allow her to travel from Tyria to Britannia in seach for help to defend Kryta and her beloved queen during these dark times. She met a foreign king who decided to meet Queen Jennah and from an alliance between their two kingdoms.


The shoulder's don't match with your look at all . At least not the regal look you went for . If he were let's say king of the Norn or some tribe , with gray's and brown's color scheme then yeah sure . I would drop the shoulders all togheter and find something else more suited for a "King" look.
The dye job is ok but again wrong armor if you want to go those colors then maybe don't use the ardent glorious armor since it has a purple tint to it but if you want to then maybe incorporate that purple tint into your dyes somehow .
As for screenshots they are mostly in the royal palace , not realy that creative of a place , it fits the theme but you could've used alot of different areas from Divinity's Reach.
Weapon wise i like your choices apart from the quiver that just makes it feel out of place due to it's color . I like the shield choice but you should've shown it better in the screens , the pose you choose for it doesn't realy do much for .
I like your little story description , seems plausible .
Overall for me is silver , i hope you improve on your next upload , keep it up!
2017-07-06 2:35

Fashion Guru
@Snapshark First thanks for the feedback, glad you like the story. The look i went for wasn't just a king of cards as some would imagine (gray wig, red/blue/gold outfit). But more of a king of the paladin/king of the north without claming to be king of the norn. I posed two inspired pictures.
I don't think should be reserved for only norn/viking themed looks, if i recall correctly fur shoulder pièces were a thing back in the day in northern england too.
So no i didn't go for a Norn king which in my mind would have been viewed as somthing already seen and done, and i've had to make up a story on how a human ended in is postion.
As for the lack of screenshots, this king just arrived in kryta and just had time to say hello to Anise and Jennah, tyrian paparazzi haven't got the word yet.
I knew the little bit of purple would trigger some people:) but the hand and feet pièces wen't well with the chest and leg piece, so yeah the arms and feet come with this purple color and the chest and leg pièces don't have three dyable slots.(i would have added purple otherwise) Finally i give you the King of norns in the last pic.
2017-07-06 5:05

Don't know, I think your look is really nice and creative. The dyes is perfect for this combo. Dunno why that comment was so negative, probably just a bad day xD
Gold from me.
2017-07-13 11:32

Fashion Guru
@5fleas Thanks :)
2017-08-01 12:49