Niveum Caelum, Herald of Jormag

By Star-Spangled Skies on July 5th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Niveis Caelum was once a priest of both Dwayna and Lyssa and the spiritual leader of a large Shiverpeaks human settlement, founded by fifty survivors of a group that had splintered off the Ascalonian migration through the Deldrimor Front. Many of its inhabitants were battle-hardened warriors, with most serving in Prince Rurik's Ascalon Vanguard before the latter was killed by the Stone Summit. Trekking north through the Shiverpeaks and Frostgorge Sound, they eventually settled east of what is now known as the Bitterfrost Frontier. For over 200 years, the colony prospered as trade with Hoelbrak in the south flourished, and by 1260 AE, it had grown into a walled city with a population numbering in the thousands.

Half a century passed. In that time, countless bands of Sons of Svanir - the first signs of something yet to come - assaulted the city, but to no avail; its battlements were invincible bastions of stone, the mages defending them peerless in their sorcery. Over time, the citizens grew fat with their bread and circuses, the wall guards became lax in their touring duties, and even the sapient Caelum dismissed the threat of "Dragon" as the overactive imagination of some senile Norn shaman. Nothing, it seemed, could overcome the defenses of the city. And nothing, it seemed, could prepare it for the advent of Jormag's advance.

In 1320 AE, his armies marched in from the north, smashing down the city's fortified iron gates, flattening the town market, and bowling over every house in an avalanche of snow and corrupted ice. Even the imperial vanguard, imbued with the combined powers of the ancient Ice Sage's battle meditation and the blessings of Lyssa and Dwayna, were but saplings against the might of the Claw of Jormag, who scythed them down with one swipe of its massive talons.

As his city, centuries of progress and civilization, lay razed to the ground and his people scattered and slaughtered, Niveis fled south with the pain of loss heavy in his cold heart. A decade later, he wanders, broken, through Hoelbrak with nothing but a blank stare and a blank slate. Occasionally, however, his fallen comrades return from the Mists to remind him of his horrific past. Determination returns in his eyes, emanating a desperate desire to prevent history from repeating itself, and he shouts to no one in particular - "Fly, you fools! The Ice Age is upon us!"

Niveis Caelum (Snowy Skies)


Updated listing with just glacial gauntlets coming in soon. (need to get more transmutation charges)


Fashion Guru
I like it. Armor combination looks good and the dye job too. I'd only like to see more screens taken during day to show the colors better.
Good job, gold.
2017-07-05 6:17

Solid combination of colours and weapons :D only thing i would change would be the gloves to the glacial gauntlets. for a one handed weapon i´d go for jormags needle ;-)
2017-07-05 11:48

Star-Spangled Skies
Thanks for the commentary - I'll try and get a screenshot during the day. It'll also take me a while to finish all the achievements for A Crack in the Ice, but I can't afford Jormag's Needle rn lol
2017-07-05 14:03

Fashion Guru
Glaical gauntlets is definitely something to consider: For the achievement Staying Frosty or whatever it's called there is a brazier you can interact with at the start of the instance to get you to the Snow Beast fight. (I didn't know this and will never get that time in my life back again :( ) Regardless the 3 pieces of ley-stone I think you can get away with as they work with the ice theme. Honestly 100% gold from me here- great first upload that's for sure! The only thing I dislike is the way his hair clips with the ice crown. As Katushka said some screens in daylight might be nice to see, but congrats on a great job!
2017-07-05 14:54

Fashion Collector
really great for a first upload! can't add anything more to what's already been said.
another one handed weapon you could look at might be the corrupted blade, i guess. not sure how it might look with this. either way, gold from me!
2017-07-05 23:17

Star-Spangled Skies
Updated his face! The old one was kinda unnatural-looking and also didn't really fit with the outfit. I think his new face captures his backstory a lot better.
2017-07-05 23:18

Star-Spangled Skies
Thanks for all the tips! I also changed the first few pictures to reflect the story.
2017-07-06 0:13

Loving his story! and that little 'fun facts' you have going on :D
2017-07-12 15:54

great style, and great pics! i really like your usage of the leystone shoulders... didn't think they'd be that convincing as ice, but it really works. i was actually surprised when i took a closer look. the story was really fun to read, too. def a gold for me!

... to be nitpicky, though, i must say that his name is not super gramatically correct in latin, if you give the slightest shit about that, which i understand many don't. if you're going for "snowy skies," it'd be "nivea caela" (snowy skies) or "niveum caelum" (snowy sky).
neither look as cool as niveis caelum though lol
2017-07-19 3:19

Star-Spangled Skies
Thanks! Yea, I used Google translator, so I was guessing it was probably wrong. Name changed to what you suggested since my inner grammar nazi doesn't apply only to English :)
Sorry for the late reply - I was in China for 3 weeks without internet for 3 weeks.
2017-08-15 2:32