Pact Commander Regalia - Happy 4th of July!

By Kasuralixa on July 4th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
8 3
2 0
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I wanted to do a special outfit for the 4th of July, especially once I remembered that the Emperspire was a thing! I had a lot of fun taking these screenshots and coming up with ideas for festive objects, locations etc. Originally I was going to do something cute, but a proper dress uniform and battle screenshots seem especially fitting given the history. I'm really happy with her "uniform" and think the super-saturated, in-your-face colors really capture the American spirit on today of all days, haha.

The pictures are arranged to create a kind of "story" if you go through them in the order uploaded. The commander is celebrating/drinking, then meets up with other officials to discuss war plans and heads out to get her soldiers. A couple battle shots, and ends with the commander dead next to one of her soldiers. I tried to arrange them in the best order I could think of, just a little added touch of story.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend, and if you celebrate, have a wonderful and safe holiday!!


Elessar Taralom
That´s a really funny idea, definitely made me smile!
Actually, such a colorful military look is quite stylish
Have a festive gold! ^^
2017-07-04 13:04

Fashion Collector
Really wonderful idea! And the dyes work well with your theme!
2017-07-04 13:43

Fashion Guru
Hey this is cool :) I love the dress uniform and her baton! The screenies are clever and fun to look through as well. Gold!
2017-07-04 14:06

Thanks guys! I'm glad this turned out as well as I wanted it to ^_^
2017-07-04 16:37

gosh, I spotted you in game too! it was amazing and the originality is whoa!
2017-07-05 6:17

Fashion Guru
Interesting idea :D But poor girl ends up dead.
Great job on screens.
Gold from me too.
2017-07-05 6:22

Thanks!! That particularly means a lot coming from you, your screens are all incredible!
2017-07-05 21:51

Fashion Collector
This is fun, made laugh! She's cute and the screens worked really well.
2017-07-08 8:33