Golden Lycan

By Hallowshiv on July 3rd, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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So, it's my first time posting and i just want to share my look for my guardian

(I'm not really good with dyes. You guys can freely suggest!


Fashion Collector
I don't think the shoulders really work for this but you have a good fire theme going with the rest of it. The golden's a bit garish, especially on the helmet, reckon you should make the main dyes in it darker, in line with the rest of the armour, and the effect golden, like the flames of the cof chestpiece. Otherwise, just play around, maybe look at some reference for a colour palette, don't be afraid to play around with the dyes, try not to just dye it all black. Love seein the hound helmet being used, but I find its pretty weird to fi into other armour, so ye have a huge job here!
2017-07-03 4:52

Fashion Guru
I think the armour skins could be very interesting here but dying them will be tricky. I may have a look in-game to see if I can figure something out on my guard later when I have time.
At the moment I'd say it's a bit too mono-chromatically yellow for my tastes. Off the top of my head I'd suggest trying to match the dyes more to your weapon. Keep the flame glow and have some of the glowy bits linking to that but then also have a lighter yellow glow matching the hammer. Then I'd lighten the whole look with some natural metals, greys and browns again trying to link with the hammer colours. At the moment you have aspects such as the helm and breastplate which are only one colour even though they have multiple dye slots. I get that maybe you're trying not to make the outfit look too busy but I'd vary this up a little.
I'm not voting on this (I'm guessing you want suggestions rather than medals atm, but keep in mind for an actual look all screenshots in Lions Arch is not recommended!)
2017-07-03 7:52

Thank you guys! comments are noted ill try playing around with dyes as much as i can. This is my greatest challenge cause i really suck at combining dyes hahah i usually just go with 2 colors max but ill try!
2017-07-04 2:13

Star-Spangled Skies
Another recommendation is to turn up graphics to best appearance for a moment once you're ready for taking a screen, since you're playing on low. A short story and/or description besides "Golden Lycan" of what your character's supposed to be would also help for suggesting backgrounds.
2017-07-15 3:15

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