Fael Brisame, Necromancer of the cursed court

By Lepasconnu on June 29th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
Vote Breakdown
4 7
1 0
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Fael was born sick, well, not actually sick... He had been blessed by Grenth, although Fael's magic grew stronger, the claw marks on his face he was born with, grew deeper and more painful day after day.
Having to wear a mask is a petty thing when you get to have control on death and sickness.


Fashion Collector
I actually love this look ^^D But you need better screen shots and more of them.
2017-06-29 12:56

Thank you! I will work on nice screenshots then ;)
2017-06-29 13:02

Elessar Taralom
the look is pretty cool, but I agree that the presentation could be more plentiful
The armour has an interesting mixture and the dyes are well chosen, with the right presentation I will gladly give you a gold, it is a silver for now ^^
2017-06-29 13:53

For real ? My Mesmer has a twin ? xD

2017-06-29 15:56

Fashion Collector
more screens would be great!
definitely like how you used the mask; this is one of the few times i could say that i actually like it.
2017-06-29 20:55

Fashion Guru
I too would like to see more screens :) But I love the outfit, great job.
2017-06-29 21:41

The look is absolutely amazing!
If only there was more to the presentation :/
2017-07-01 12:21

More screens would be greatly appreciated.

As far as criticism goes, I think it would look better if the boots used the green as the highlight instead of the grey.
2017-07-02 4:04

Fashion Collector
I actually disagree with that. If you add green to the bots, it will be to much green. While the grey adds more color to the over all look.
2017-07-02 5:12 in reply to Mortrialus

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