Monster Hunter Ash Legionnaire

By dellyz on June 20th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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2 0
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Name: Kanurgoz Bloodmarrow
Blood Warband Affiliates: Menzhum Lifeblood, Tyrize Bloodrage. Zaishe Bloodseeker
Home: Blazeridge Steppes - Tawny Ridge
Specialty: Master Tracker and Hunter, Master engineer and weapon-smith, Trained Ash legion Spy and Reconnaissance.

Bio: Ash Legion Engineer seeking to be a specialized master weapon-smith. Learning and forging Godskull armaments from famed Grawl Artisans and hunting big game for rare bones. One day become a Master Beastslayer Weaponsmith. Recently joined the Blood Warband under Tyrize Bloodrage.

Bred and trained in the Tawny Ridge Ash legion camp, where he learned stealth, tracking, and reconnaissance. One day his first Re-con missions to spy on the Flame Legion in Fireheart Rise he came across a group of Grawl who worshiped a stone head in Apostate Waste and crafted incredible armor and weapons from bones. He camped behind the stone head while spying the nearby Flame Legion activities. Kanurgoz decided to confront and talk to the Grawl Chief, who was surprisingly intelligent in contrast to the other Grawls he met and befriended the Grawl tribe. So he began his study of armor and weapon crafting with various bones of all creatures.

Over the years he became a master crafter and his talents were noticed by a Blood legionnaire named Tyrize Bloodrage. He was recruited into the warband because of the threat of Mordremoth in the Jungle. The prospect of a jungle and rumored giant dinosaurs and beasts peaked Kanurgoz's interest as he wanted to experiment with big game monsters to further improve his craft. Now he sets his journey towards the Jungle hunting Dinosaurs and gathering rare jungle bounties. Day by day he tracks and hunts monsters for their bones.


The screenshots are fantastic. The dyes in my opinion are perfect, and I could say the same with the weapons. Good job :)
2017-06-20 10:08

The armor-comb could be a bit more diverse, but else than that i dont have much to nitpick ;D
Great colours, great choice of weapons, nice screens ... overall a very good upload, well done :)
2017-06-20 11:25

Fashion Guru
A wonderful bone look. I particularly like the character of his face with the stalker visage. You seem to be really good at making interesting charr!
2017-06-21 2:50

Fashion Collector
Thank you for the comments! I will probably improve this look with some variations of bone armor in the future. I actually had a few variations before settling with this one. Working on Beastslayer skins for more action screens.
2017-07-01 1:03

O Gwom
Great screenshots!
2018-08-11 11:59