Dorian. Road to Vabbi!

By Naith on June 19th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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1 5
0 0
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A faithful explorer of the kingdom of Kryta, he has been giving information to the Order and the kingdom over Elona. He learned to use the Junundu, to go through the Desolation.


Elessar Taralom
I like the general direction of this look, especially the combination of this top and leg piece!
Where the armour falls a little apart for me are the corner pieces; the scarf without any headpiece or gloves makes it feel a little empty
The dyes are really nice though and you captured the feeling of Elona very well in the screens, solid silver for me :)
2017-06-19 14:51

Fashion Collector
i like the way this is going! (always a fan of anything elona related). i agree with elessar though, it seems kind of empty without some gloves.
2017-06-20 21:08