Firebloom V2.0

By Sigur on June 16th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Orange
Vote Breakdown
7 2
1 0
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First of all many thanks to KestrelGirl and Mihrean for the helpful feedback on my first upload.

After reading their suggestions I decided to start a second try to create a more fiery look for my Sylvari.
During the process of changing her appearance I discovered this hairstyle which reminds me of a candle flame when coloured orange. In addition to this her staff suits her head very well in my opinion.
To support the flame theme I switched to armourpieces with more fire elements like Flame Legion Shoes and Fire God Vambraces.
The only thing I would like to change is the colour of the shoulders because "Scourched" would make the feathers brighter and more suitable for the strong hear colours. Unfortunately I don't have enough gold at the moment.

I look forward to your feedback and thank you in advance.


Love it - excellent pics this time! This version gets a gold from me!
2017-06-16 13:57

Fashion Guru
It's nice to see ur progression. The overall it's pretty good, but in my opinion, id change those colors a bit.
Instead of going for full "sparkly" color theme, id add some darker, scorched ones, like brown (charred for example), it will add some natural vibe to this look.

Anyway, gold from, I love how u changed the look into the better version, and took all the advices from the comment section, the same goes for the hair, it really looks like some kind of candle.
Keep it up!
2017-06-17 0:08

Fashion Guru
I'm a fan of cultural sylvaris but I really like this one more than before! Great dyes. Gold
2017-06-17 2:25

Fashion Guru
This seems a lot more fiery to me now! I agree that her hairstyle looks great with that staff and i really like the fire vambraces. I also like your bright gold choice as that staff is very bright and this is one of the few times I have seen someone work with that fact. Not sure about the shoulders here, but as you said, a brighter colour might make them stand out- that or as horsie said a mix of something darker might create more contrast and make the bright colours stand out even more. Really feeling you about the dyes- all my in-game gold seems to disappear on those!
2017-06-17 15:29

Great fire-themed look, though I feel the armor choice could use a bit of refining. The smooth cloth bits and the sharp/rocky gloves and boots don't go too well together imo. The colors however are spot-on.
2017-06-21 10:55

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