Hyrule Warriors: Zelda

By Kasuralixa on June 15th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Another day, another cosplay! I bought the harp off the gem store because I absolutely couldn't resist the idea of playing LoZ music while in a Zelda "cosplay." Again, sorry about the un-matching hair--I already spent $10 on a harp, can't justify spending more to change my hair/face for a single look. I also couldn't find a scepter that quite fit the Windwaker's elegance so I oped for a rapier and dominion rod look (both weapons from HW). All the screenshots are LoZ related--Divinity's Reach being Hyrule Castle, Zelda praying in holy water/places, talking to the "Great Deku Tree"/spirits, sealing the "master sword" etc. so if some of them seem a little weird/out of place, imagine it in the LoZ universe!

I'm actually really pleased with how this turned out, even though I know it could have been better with Phoenix gem top + if I was a class that could use actual swords. Unfortunately I'm even out of character slots so I couldn't even create a new one to use charges on T_T I'm just happy to do Zelda justice as she's one of my favorite characters and visual designs in HW. I'm thinking of trying to do a Sheik "cosplay" next, given I have a harp!

I included a pic of what she should look like with the face/hair alters (like I did for Morrigan) and a reference photo for HW Zelda.


Fashion Guru
I've never played Legend of Zelda, but according to your picture I'd say you captured the general mood :)
2017-06-16 20:05

Fashion Guru
When I see a cosplay I go like directly to the reference picture and see which parts I think could fit the armor and I though the Phoenix chest too and for the pants the ornate guild pants or resercher they look really similar. Check them out if you want :) and gosh I know the hair struggle my Mesmer has the same weird pink hair cause I wanted a FF cosplay and I don't wanna spend money changing it lol.
2017-06-17 2:42

I really wanted to get the ornate guild armor! But unfortunately all of my guilds are too small to have it :/ I might end up getting the phoenix outfit as well just because I like it and I could use the top for this. I hated being limited to items I could actually buy T_T
2017-06-18 14:20