Grenth Worshipper - Drezhul Boneyard

By Hoba on June 15th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Green
Vote Breakdown
32 8
3 0
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I think I did nail this look pretty good to be honest. I really like the new shoulders and gloves from the Gem store that is called Foefire. The glows makes it all in my opinion :)


Fashion Guru
The new gloves and shoulders are amazing indeed.
I like dark themes and yours look great. Nice job on screens :)
The combination of hood, shoulders, gloves and chestpiece looks like perfect match and the glorious chest fits to the rest nicely. I only don't like the green stripes on pants/skirt.
Anyway, cool grenth look, this is gold from me :)
2017-06-15 6:36

Fashion Guru
Perfect! Gold!
2017-06-15 8:44

This look is as necro as it can be xD
I like the overall look, though it might not be the most original one :P
I could imagine some red accents to match the backpiece would make it a bit more unique.
Your screens are pretty nice to make up for that though! But id still like to see a screenshot from char-select or hero panel, so we can see the outfit in neutral light.
The weapon-choice is also great!
Overall a Gold from me :)
2017-06-15 10:29

Fashion Collector
Thank you so much! :D I have looked abit into the red colour but I can't find it to fit in a good way with the green. And you only see the red color from the backpiece when I run^^
2017-06-15 11:04 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Collector
Thank you very much! :)
2017-06-15 11:04 in reply to Exitus_Letalis

Fashion Collector
Thanks alot! It was actually a hard decision to choose which pants I thought fitted the best, was between that Human T3 or Council Ministry Hose :)
2017-06-15 11:06 in reply to Katushka

Fashion Guru
Human T3 pants and glorious chest goes together great in you armor mix imo. I'd only dye it little differently. The way you have it the stripes on pants are more striking than the glyphs on shoulders and gloves. That is just a tiny detail :)
2017-06-15 12:25 in reply to Hoba

2017-06-15 16:26

I love all the screenshots! Each one is unique and expressive. The look is very traditional necro--it's good and well put together, but black/toxic green is a liiittle overplayed for originality. Even with that, still deserving of a gold because of how well executed it is!
2017-06-15 16:45

Fashion Collector
Thanks alot!
2017-06-15 17:36 in reply to loliak

Fashion Collector
Thank you so much!
2017-06-15 17:36 in reply to Kasuralixa

OoooOO YISS I love this look. Wonderful job! Nailed the colors and the theme and you used the new pieces nicely. Gold =)
2017-06-15 19:51

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
amazing dude.... gold
2017-06-15 22:36

very necro-like.
perfect use of armor pieces, the foefire pieces look really awesome and fitting here.
gold from me
2017-06-16 7:56

Fashion Guru
I have the feeling you have set the precedence for all the future necro/grenth acolyte with this armor combo. It's a nice look. Gold from me.
2017-06-16 12:43

Fashion Collector
really like how you've used the new pieces! everything is great, gold :)
2017-06-16 14:59

Fashion Collector
Thank you everyone! :D
2017-06-16 15:30

Elessar Taralom
Love the look!
I had something similar in mind with the Foefire armour and you really managed to mix a very traditional necro look while actually using some unique pieces!
Personally I would have broken up the dye scheme a little more, but it´s definitely chosen well for the overall theme!
The presentation is also on point, gold ^^
2017-06-16 19:00

Fashion Guru
I think this may be one of the most perfect Grenth-themed outfits I've ever seen. It's thematic, it's well-rounded, and it has beauty in both the big parts and the finer details. I also really love your pose work in the screenshots. That main image is stunning!

Also, where are all of those Grenth statues from? Some part of AC that I've forgotten? You really found some great locations for this.
2017-06-16 22:32

Fashion Collector
Thank you so much! The first Grenth statue is from Temple of Grenth at Cursed Shore. And the second one is from AC as you said.
2017-06-17 1:57 in reply to Chiorydax

Great job.
2017-06-17 7:41

Probably one of if not the best representation of a follower of Grenth I've ever seen. Gold :)
2017-06-18 17:43

Fashion Collector
Thanks man! :D
2017-06-19 11:51 in reply to Guhuggafugga

A really great look that proves that the Grenth Hood can look good when done right! Bravo!
2017-06-21 17:58

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2018-01-11 19:09

HOLY (or maybe UNHOLY) damn!!! That looks amazing! Just perfect! Pure gold for everything :D
2018-02-21 8:13

Fashion Collector
Thankyou so much! :-D
2018-02-21 11:06 in reply to hecki91