Lucian - League of Legends

By Severum on June 11th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: White
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17 2
1 0
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Inspired by League of Legends character "Lucian The Purifier".


Thats a pretty nice lucian cosplay!!!
It also looks cool as an outfit, without the cosplay aspect in mind :D
You could improve your screenshots a bit though. The backgrounds are pretty boring, most of them are just plain rock. The poses are nice though.
Since the look is really good and the background the only thing i dislike about the screens, i still want to give you a Gold :)
2017-06-11 9:51

Pretty spot on. Wanted to try and make one as well, but don't have a thief.
I like that you used the Balthazar pistol skin to match the glow that they would have when he fires, but I'm so-so on keeping them the same model since Lucian has 2 different pistols, similar in model, but different. Mystic/Inquest pistol might work.
Otherwise, awesome look.
2017-06-11 10:28

I didn't know who was Lucian, thanks for uploading a reference image :)

The dyes are very well done, I'm not sure if you could put a bit of purple.
I say the same as Hylek about the screenshots; you should change a bit the camera height so there is less space above the head of your character and we can see more of the leggings/boots :) Also if I can give you another tip, is that you try to put the FoV on minum, we could see better the details of the character and/or zoom a bit more in some screenshots :)
In general, it looks great, I love that you used that hairstyle!
Good job!
2017-06-11 11:06

I was waiting for someone to do this. All we need are some pictures of him using Unload (pistol/pistol 3). Still, on point. Gold!
2017-06-11 13:46

Fashion Guru
This is really awesome!
2017-06-11 16:11

Elessar Taralom
Really good cosplay!
I especially like the small details you included like the hairstyle or the pistols
It would be a really cool look even without being a cosplay, so definitely a gold from me ^^
2017-06-12 7:17

Really nice cosplay =) Gold!
2017-06-12 22:43