Mad Max-ine Engineer

By CharlotteJC on June 10th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
Vote Breakdown
1 2
2 0
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This was by far my trickiest look for one of my characters.

Air Filtration Mask
Magitech Shoulders
Magitech Jerkin
Magitech Gloves
Krytan Trousers
Magitech Boots


Elessar Taralom
The armour mix relies a little too heavily on the Magitech armour for my taste, I like that you brought in some bones with the pants, maybe you could use something similar for shoulders and/or gloves?
The little details like the mask and the backpiece fit the theme very well and I think you did well with the dye job
I´d love to see an upload like this fully realised, since the screenshots don´t really do much to evoke the Mad Max feeling; maybe venture a little further in the desert areas and the Black Citadel and really flesh out the presentation, because I´d love to give a better vote on this, but right not it´s a little.....mediocre
2017-06-10 18:55

I like that you stuck to natural colours here!
The weapons you chose are a nice match and the backpack could be interesting too!
For the armor-comb you should use less magitech though! its almost the full set.
I like the addition of the krytan pants with that skull, it adds some grotesque flair to the outfit. Some sort of steampunky doctor using bones and magitech in her armor would be a cool theme together with that backpack.
And again your screenshots need more love! Take your time with the upload! You will get much better votes when people see you put some effort into the screens and description!
2017-06-11 9:34

Fashion Guru
Those naturals colors caught my eye, this mask suits this look pretty well, but like other said, its kinda too much focused one the megitech armor. Play a bit with armor parts, u know how to make a good dye combination so it will be even better with various armor mix.
2017-06-11 16:11

Fashion Guru
I like it
2017-06-12 20:27