Forgotten Rose.

By Syvera on June 9th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
Vote Breakdown
5 1
3 1
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I want to love the roses again...

Mordremoth has corrupted the land. Families have abandoned the area. Now soldiers infest the grounds while others hide from the greenery we once admired.

We can't even trust the ground we walk on.
Yet I can't betray the roses.

I won't betray the roses.

[Dyes: Sand, Glint's Isolation.
Outfit: Dwayna's Regalia.
Sword: Devoted Greatsword skin
Hair color: Champagne
Eye color: Brook
Skin Color: Light 1
This Golden Guardian is my main and first character.]


Beautiful Shot!
2017-06-09 20:02

An outfit, one screenshot, a plain boring colour-scheme (from what i can see in this picture), no specification of armor or dyes are anything, and a one-liner for description ...
The amount of effort you put into this upload is like 2 minutes. Your screenshot is quite pretty but thats literally the whole upload.
It doesnt seem like you really want to present anything here, so why bother uploading it in the first place? If you just want to share that one screenshot, reddit or sth. might be a more suitable platform.
2017-06-09 21:04

Fully agree with Hylek, this is lazy.
2017-06-09 22:29

I agree, I was a bit lazy with this, but this is my first time ever being on this sight. I was recommended it and am only dipping my toes in for now. I'll probably upgrade when I really fully explore the site. Thank you, I thought it was a beautiful shot as well :)
2017-06-10 2:11 in reply to Hylek

Looking at your new pictures, you are talented at taking screens!
Just remember that presentation matters a lot ;)
Also, outfits are not exactly what gets high votes here. Its more about armor-combs and creative ideas etc.
Id recommend you look around a bit and see how other high-voted looks did it.
Sorry for the harsh words, dont take it personally! And welcome to the site :)
2017-06-10 4:15

I didn't! I didn't think I'd get feedback at all, so I'm very grateful for that. I just updated my description and plan to add other screen shots with a better look at the sword. It's actually a lot of fun taking screens! Yea, I noticed that you can't really specify an outfit, but I love my main's look and the heavy armor is too bulky for my taste. I plan to make more looks with armor combinations for the future. Thanks for the tips!
2017-06-10 4:26 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Guru
Hey I love the screenshots but I'm not a fan of outfits.
2017-06-10 22:58

I think even for an outfit, the content and dyes are really well put together. Nice screens too!
2017-06-13 15:43

I agree with Gillagance. I always flip through the pictures before looking at the descriptions, and it took me several screens to recognize this as an outfit. What I particularly like is that all the colors are fairly muted, and the only pops of color are the back piece and the rose in the sword. Very eye catching, I think.
2017-06-21 15:01

Thank you!
2018-02-18 23:25