The eternal damn

By Naith on June 8th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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2 5
1 0
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Stereotypical dark Guardian, but I do like your screenshots. Silver from me. (Also I love how the Bloodstone Dark Violet dye looks!)
2017-06-09 2:17

So it got a silver from me for a few things:

One: As someone else said, dark guardian is a stereotypical look that does not stand out on its own.

two: It's usually a good idea to take screenshots in different places to give a different lightning to your armor mix, it may make some details pops. I would also encourage you to play with your camera options. We have a fantastic camera and it can really help you in your pictures.

On that same line of thought, I would suggest keybinding, if that's not already done, your screenshots, so that you can take many of them very quickly. Take a lot of screenshots so that you can truly select the best of the best out of them.

Three: Character description. If you could add a bit of fluff to it, it would really help getting your grading higher.

Overall: For your first look I want to say good job. Despite not being original, as it is a very often seen look on here, your armor mix is a good one. Also, while all of your dyes are variation of black, which I usually profoundly dislike, the highlights of the bloodstone dyes do counterbalance. I would still add some form of highlight, but it's an overall good dying job especially for a first character. (If you saw my first character...)

To sum it up, there is still a few details to work upon, but that's generally details that all of us had to work on. You did a good job, which earned you a solid silver and I do look forward to see your progress.
2017-06-09 7:39

Your presentation is nice but please dont drown your outfit in shadow abyss :/
2017-06-09 21:06

Many thanks to all three. I will consider your opinions :)
2017-06-10 11:00 in reply to P3PSI642

Fashion Guru
I know most people don't like black cause it's boring but I really love dark outfits
2017-06-10 22:55