Titus - The Dragon Hunter

By Sheena on June 7th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
Vote Breakdown
17 4
2 0
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“I remember this day, my Cub, like it was yesterday...
From our camp, The Snowhawk Landing, the view was beautiful. The snow fell softly. The branches of the cherry trees bend under the weight of white fluff. From time to time our dolyaks shook the snow from their ridge. Me and Seraya were cleaning our swords, when we heard Freya conversation with mail carrier.
-But why you're Softpaw? Your paws are full of claws. It doesn't look soft at all. - Mail carrier said pointing at thief hand.
-Oh. It's my warband name and it's origin it's pretty funny. See when you walk on the snow you leave footprints on it, and we don't.
-Really? How it's possible?
-If I tell you I have to kill you. - Freya laughed.
It turned out that the mail carrier brought me a message. The dragon champion attacked. That day I defeated Claw of Jormag, it was also the last day I saw my friends.
I was born as a member of Blood Legion and bred as a guardian, but that day, when I kill my first dragon, was the day of born the real dragon hunter.
My name is Titus Softpaw and this is my story.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

About the character idea and name:

I named him Titus in honor Titus Tatius, King of the Sabines. He is meant to be heroic, honorable and brave to defend the weaker and fight the dragons.

About the look:

Base for this look is Ardent Glorious chestplate with Charr heavy cultural tier 3 accents and Confessor Caudecus's Mask. Also he wears tassets from Charr heavy cultural tier 2 and Phalnax Warboots.
Weapons: Dragonhunter’s Longbow, Pact Quarterstaff, Cobalt, Jormag's Breath, Herald Shield, Lightward's Battlehammer

About the dyes:

I use dyes that fit all wielded weapons, skills colors and fulfill the look of my dragon hunter.
Blue hue: Autumn sky, Midnight Ice
Gray hue: White, Celestial, Silver
Purple hue: Pastel Violet, Violet Breeze

Maps where I made screenshots:
Frostgorge Sound, The Heart of the Mists (PvP lobby), Alpine Borderlands. Hoelbrak, Splintered Coast, The Silverwastes, Desert Borderlands (Fire Keep), Dragon’s Stand, Snowden Drifts, Blazeridge Steppes and Cursed Shore (Arah).

What do you think about his history, his look and the screenshots? Please let me know in the comment below!


Fashion Guru
Man the story is perfect for real. I felt shivers when I read it. The screenshots are pretty cool too maybe one in char selection so we see it well but I love it
2017-06-07 16:33

Fashion Guru
Oh nvm there's a char selection one
2017-06-07 16:36

Fashion Guru
I may not vote on this one: it's a wonderful piece of creative work and I almost feel it should be under the art look category. I don't feel like I can judge it using the traditional sliders. I'm sorry if this comes across as rude, and I may change my mind as the effort and skill involved with this is surely gold-worthy...
I love your created screenshots of the dragons. They are my favourite part of this and feel really fun! I feel like he's sending epic!post-cards to his cub back home and this links in well with your story. It's a really interesting and different way of presenting a character. If only in-game achievements could be presented like this!
2017-06-08 8:44

Fashion Collector
Gold. Just because of those awesome screens :D
2017-06-08 13:59

Fashion Guru
I think the same as Mihrean, it's more like an art, instead of look presentation, cuz when it comes to vote i have some problems, Those screenies are perfect, wallpaper lvl, the story is great as well, but the rest is kinda unoriginal in my opinion, when it comes to dye job and armormix. Cuz he look's like typical white t3 Charr. Maybe try to work a bit about those colors, play with them, the same goes for the armor mix, if u will try pull it of, and put together, u will get perfect look, with those descriptions and screens.
2017-06-09 16:57

Not a very original look, there doesn't seem to be much effort when it comes to dyes, that hair and that face.

I appreciate the effort in your screens, but when its down to pure looks its just not very good.
2017-06-09 22:56

This char's got more selfies than a horny 14-year-old.
2018-03-17 18:35