Beastslayer Seraph

By NanaItalia on June 1st, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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When I was in the jungle after mordremoth destroyed the pact fleet, I found myself alone in the wilderness. My arm was broken from the fall and I believed myself as good as dead when a group of mordrem surrounded me. I was ready to fight my last fight. I could feel the adrenaline rising from the sensation of my near death, when suddenly one of the mordrem was hit by an arrow. A group of three norn jumped out of the bushes and slew the minions of the elderdragon. They didn't look like pact soldiers and after the fight they were arguing about who killed most of the mordrem. They didn't seem to notice me, or I was not important enough to be noticed, but when I encountered them and explained my situation they offered to accompany me to one of the pact camps, that were set up in the jungle. The norn told me, they were looking for a worthy prey to hunt, to feel the excitement of battle with an equal opponent and gain glory from their hunt. Back then their motives didn't make sense to me...

When mordremoth was slain I went back to Divinities Reach I resumed my duties as a Seraph after my arm was healed. I returned to my daily routine but I had the feeling something was missing. I coudln't forget the thrill of battle that I felt the day, the mordrem had surrounded me. After a month I quit my post as a Seraph and returned to the jungle. I found the group of norn that saved me that day and now we roam Tyria together in the search of the ultimate battle.

Hey :)
I made this look a while ago when the beast slayer weapons came out. I wanted her to look like a beast slaying knight kinda, so I kept the heavy looking armor and just took some "wild" looking skins like the shoulders, gloves and pants. I chose the seraph helmet for the silhouette and it was quite fun to think of a story, that could explain the helmet :P

Well, as always, hope you like the look^^

Beastslayer Sword
Beastslayer Hammer
Beastslayer Longbow
Reclaimed Torch


Fashion Guru
I love the back of the bladed tassets; I think that skirt thing does a great job of softening the hard lines on the armour. I also think the reclaimed torch is great at complimenting the beastslayer weapons.
Your story reminds me of the most hilarious norn in auric basin, but with a happier ending I guess :)
2017-06-02 4:16

Really cool concept! Love the look =)
2017-06-02 8:56

Lol i just created a condi-gear for my rev and use the same boot-leg combo :D
The theme you created and how you presented it is amazing!
Its very creative to combine these two themes (beastslayer and seraph) and you nailed it!
The presentation is top quality as expected ;D
My only nitpick is that i like the triumphant gloves you wear in the main-pic more than the gloves of the obedient.
But that doesnt distract from all the overall amazing appearence!
Gold Gold Gold :)
2017-06-02 10:45

Oh lol. I actually didn't notice, that she has different gloves^^' I think this the change of gloves happened, when I gave her condi-gear for raiding. I must have forgotten to change the skin, since the gloves of the obedient don't look 'wrong' with the rest of the look.
The triumphant gloves are the original gloves, but I kinda like both of them now.
Also thanks for your comment, I'm really glad you like her and I would like to see your condi-rev :)
2017-06-02 14:25 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Guru
Such a great armor mix! Gold OFC
2017-06-03 0:38

Love the story, the armor matches perfectly and the dyes is a wonderful choice. Even the bloody gliders works.
Feed on my comment and get max sliders!
2017-06-03 6:45

Elessar Taralom
I love her!
I would never have thought that these two themes go together, but you definitely convinced me otherwise
She has such an outlandish look in all the right ways
I personally like the Gauntlets of the Obedient more since they really enhance that outlandish feel
The dyes definitely show that you thought about every single dye slot and your presentation is stellar as usual
Gold! ^^
2017-06-04 6:03

Fashion Guru
Actually I saw the armor and I didn't like it at the beginning but when I read the story It gave the armor a perfect combination so it's definitely a gold
2017-06-05 1:28

Fashion Guru
Interesting armor mix. It looks nice from front and really great from behind imo.
And I admire how you edited two pictures from character screen to look like one.

GJ, gold :)
2017-06-06 6:07

This is a really cool look! I like the silhouette of the helmet, too. The screenshots are particularly good; I especially like the ones with the grass in the foreground and the centaur one. The Dragonhunter's Gauntlet would probably look good if you wanted some asymmetry, but what you have is great as is.
2017-06-19 11:55