Havarric - Heavy armor Hunter

By Delyn on May 27th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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"Legends have told of many tales.. Many tales involving large fights, great moots and even better wenches. Yet a few tales - and I really mean a few - go about a young Norn. A Norn with brown hair and the dark-black facial tattoo. I am of course speaking about Bjor--... I mean Havarric!"

"Havarric, also known as the Norn who managed to drink Issormir's body weight in ale. But to most just known as Havarric."

"Animals were running rampage as the Dredge started digging in our areas. Children and elderly were getting run over, bitten and even mauled by the many animals. Hunters went out in mass to see if they could cull the invasion of the rampaging animals. A few had persished in the hunts, others were scarred for life. But a few managed to be victorious.. One of those being Havarric. The Norn managed to drive one of the bigger brown-hounds into a corner and instead of slaying it with his blades he threw himself at him. Wrestling it to the end."

"Eventually he was victorious. And he continues to praise himself by wearing the same fur of the hound around his shoulder. Never letting it go off him."


I haven't written in a while, so there might be a few spelling mistakes here and there..

Regardless, hello!

I recently came back to the game and found the new Living Story quite interesting, but I found the new cosmetics even more interesting! The shoulderpiece screamed Norn 'rogue/hunter/warrior' to me. But because the latter had been done so much with the Dolyak shoulders (If I am correct that is) I wanted to go with the hunter mostly (not that hasn't been done yet.. but shush.) Anyways, instead of going with the cultural armor and mix it with this, or going with a rogue-like class (ranger) I wanted to go with a heavy armor. And thus this came out.

I don't believe this look is as good as others have proven with these mixes, yet I am still proud of what I've made.

Have a good one, and thanks for reading this.


As a side note, some of screens are close by, whilst others are far away. Not sure how that happened as I hadn't changed the distance. I'll try to fix that with my next appeal.


Fashion Guru
Whoa, He looks like big ass bear, I wouldn't want to have argue with him. I Really like the dye job and armor mix, It looks like hes about to transform into big Bear haha. I think u should add some more screens, anyway, gold from me.
2017-05-27 12:38

Elessar Taralom
Cool classical Norn look!
He looks like he could be a bear shaman of some sort
Reading your description was delightful, it gives the character a lot more life
The tattoo was also a good choice
I like the screens you provided, I´d only wish there were a few more
Still, goldworthy upload ^^
2017-05-28 5:11

Great norn look, wonderful story too! Gold =)
2017-05-29 0:49