Draakzheel : the blood demon

By dh4rm4 on May 26th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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Few centuries ago, a foolish sylvarian looked for immortality. Like for a lot before him, demons hearded his desire, and murmured in his dream that a beast from chaos could help him.
After that day each time he slept, the demon came to his dreams to give him instructions where to find what he was looking for.
After one decade, the sylvarian finally went to a deep and dark cave. After he finished to kill all his opponents, he saw the weapon the demon was talking him about.
Thanks to this weapon, he would be able to drink the blood of his victims and their vital energy. For his benefits, and also for those of the daemon.
Without any hesitation he took in his hands this weapon of butcher. And at that precise moment he realized how insane he was to believe the murmur of an old demon.
The moment his skin touched the hand guard, a dark energy, full of chaos and blood magic spread out and invaded his all body. Because of this sylvarian, Draakzheel, the blood demon, reborn again.

PS : sorry for my brokenenglish!


I think you have something really awesome brewing here! the last two screens of your char looks really awesome! try taking pics of him in a well lit area to showcase his armor! and adjust the "field of view" option in the menu so that it zooms into your char more!
2017-05-27 2:33

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