Devoted Berserker

By Exitus_Letalis on May 19th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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6 1
2 0
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Hi! I'm back after long time. Just wanted to share my Berserker's current look. Look is inspired by Devoted weapon skins. Something fabulous, white and gold with red details. I did this look really fast. I don't have much time for playing anymore since I got new job. :) Ofc there is Mini Emperor Llama too. :D

Location: Verdant Brink, Divinity's Reach


Fashion Guru
I love that the gold highlights of the armor match his hair. A great ornate look to go with the weapons. Gold.
2017-05-20 4:01

Fashion Guru
Thank you!
2017-05-20 5:55 in reply to jesandsteven

The gold is spot-on but I wish the red was more visible on the armor =( Other than that it looks great =)
2017-05-21 10:02

Fashion Guru
Thank you! There are tiny red details, eyes, gloves, gems and red effects on weapons. :D
2017-05-21 18:37 in reply to frederickx

Fashion Guru
But I like your idea. Gold and red combo looks awesome too. :D
2017-05-21 18:50 in reply to frederickx