Scouting the Jade Sea (Luxon Look)

By Elessar Taralom on May 14th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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23 5
5 1
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In her Dream, Myria saw the Jade Sea. Green waves up until the horizon, Luxon caravans speckled along the waves, beasts frozen in the green rocks. Even though life seemed hard for these nomads they seemed happy and full of life. The way in which they made this harsh world their own deeply impressed Myria, a feeling of respect she carried with her out of her Dream.
When she awoke, Myria knew she had to find the people and the land she dreamed of. Her journey brought her along shores and even lead her deep into the fractured Mists, but she couldn´t quite find the ones she was looking for. Still she was drawn to shells and jade, mother of pearl and lime and with the years of wandering she seemed to understand more and more that she hadn´t gone quite far enough to discover the Luxon.

Hey guys,
a while back I made a Kurzick inspired look ( and I figured it was about time to add acompanion Luxon look to this. I tried to convey the armour feel of GW1 as best as I could, adding a lot of marine/shell details to the look. The colour scheme was a lot of fun to work with, I saw some cool looks on here with this particular colour scheme and wanted to give it a try as well!
The Jade Sea was without a doubt one of the coolest and most creative regions introduced in Factions (or in an MMORPG in general for that matter) and I hope I could do the Luxon justice with my look ^^

Skins used that I can´t specify: Ebb (sword)


Fashion Guru
love the look, I always hoped you would add a luxon look to the kurzick look
the colours are spot on, presentation is dope
gold gold gold
2017-05-14 7:22

I usually am not a big fan of that coat, but it really does work well in this look
Always played Luxon myself and you clearly did them justice
Full gold, well done :)
2017-05-14 7:23

Fashion Guru
That screen in the fractal with the jellyfish floating behind here is truly stunning. I can't say I know enough about GW1 to judge it as a Luxon look but its also lovely in it's own right. Even her hair looks like seaweed!
2017-05-14 10:57

Ahh great you uploaded this look here too! :D
I saw it on reddit already, but its still amazing to look at!
I love the screens you took with the corals in orr, it fits the style very well even though its not essentially a luxon-like environment.
And of course the screens from the jade fractal, a must have ;D
Topped with perfect weapon-choice and an overall perfect presentation, nothing but Gold for this :D
2017-05-14 11:17

Fashion Guru
I think i saw this on Reddit already and as you uploaded here i was like "i already saw this somewhere, or am I dreaming?!" xD Anyways very nice look, the sea/leafy themed Sylvari looks very nice! and I'm a sucker for those colours you chose so ya :) Gold from me
2017-05-14 11:28

Elessar Taralom
Haha, yeah :D I thought if I made the screens already I could as well upload it here
And thanks of course for the feedback, very appreciated! ^^
2017-05-14 11:35 in reply to vgomes93

peach of earthquakes
2017-05-14 12:25

And here it is! YAY!!
2017-05-14 19:53

Fashion Guru
Dat third screenie \o/. Gold.
2017-05-14 23:31

I love the colors :)
You made quiet an unusual look. I see the chest barely used and did honestly not really like it, but you made great use of it and showed that it can look awesome (I never noticed the details before). The combination with the plant pieces and the gloves gives it quiet an organic look. Also the headpiece looks very cool and edgy. The weapons and the mini pet just fit perfectly and your screens are amazing as always.
2017-05-15 6:56

the colors look way too bright and washed out to be named luxon, but nice for generic coral marine or pearl weapon inspired look.
2017-05-15 9:18

Elessar Taralom
And nice totally unvalidated no medal vote, thanks :)
2017-05-15 10:10 in reply to bceb

I saw your look on reddit a while back, really great work!! Screens are so cool, gold
2017-05-15 10:19

Never played gw1 but this looks amazing regardless! Gold =D
2017-05-15 13:30

I was getting a bit mad because I knew I saw those screenshots somewhere, thanks to the others comments I realized that it was in reddit :P
The screenshots are well done, but I guess that you used too much GemFx, I mean, in my opinion it is too shiny, I don't use it so I don't know how it really works ^.^
The dyes-armor combination I guess that couldn't be any better.
I like this look, but I prefer your Kurzick one, but to be honest the Kurzick one is amazing :P
Good job as always.
2017-05-16 15:05

Fashion Guru
Those dyes are gorgeous! So much gold.
2017-05-20 3:35

The Luxons were always my favorite in GW1 :) very awesome
2017-05-25 17:48