Helianthi the Nurterer

By vgomes93 on May 13th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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(for previous chapter check: http://gw2style.com/look.php?id=13285)

Chapter IV

It was a sunny day around the Jungle and Helianthi was taking his time finishing off the crafting process of his new shoulderplates, made out of the skinned wolf who'd tried to attack the den of the sylvari's cubs! Since he's found the tiger's den he's been fascinated by the tiny but quickly growing creatures and this made him stick around. For days the babies had been left to their own company and no parents would come to feed them, so Helianthi took it upon him to care for the cubs until the mother or father came back, if they ever did.
Since he'd left the grove he'd never had opportunity to go back and his new self assigned obligations left him with little time to stroll around, knowing very few about his twin sisters besides what they shared through the dream!
While playing with the cubs a fern dove flew right over him and dropped a letter. He carefully received it in his hands and as he saw the stamp he knew the dried and now amber like sap was one of his kin's blood. He proceeded to open the letter happily finally happing to get some more detailed news about the creatures who once shared a pod with him!


Hello my brother Helianthi,

I hope this letter finds you well and still connected to the dream, The Pale Tree knows I fear your lurking on the maguuma despite Mordremoth's death.
I've been busy with the orders matters i have at hand, and as i write you this letter my duties pass through me and I get delayed in order to fulfil the task at hand! Therefore I'll be as swift and sharp as my nature allows me to!
I need you to find Dulcis! I am sorry to place this unexplained burden on you, but I need to know our youngest sister walks the right path!
As we feared, Lafyö has the scroll, and despite me being on her track, I give you no guarantees I can reach her before something terrible happens!

I'll make sure another letter reaches your path soon enough brother!
May your path flourish as you walk by, and so be it for our sister's



Hello Guys, so Here's my ranger condition outfit, hope you enjoy it! It's obviously inspire around Chuka and Champawat, my latest Legendary weapon! :) Hope you enjoy it, and this little chunk of history
The weapons i couldn't specify were Chuka & Champawat (legendary shortbow) and Wild Abandon (Berserker Torch)


Fashion Collector
Now thats one sick ass look!
2017-05-14 1:42

Elessar Taralom
Really cool mixtures of styles here and the dyes are dark, yet very natural
Impeccable presentation as well, I really see nothing that isn´t to love here
Definitely a full gold, wish I could give more!
2017-05-14 6:33

Fashion Guru
thank you both for your comment :D
2017-05-14 8:55 in reply to Elessar Taralom

OMG the title screen is one of a million! It looks soooo coool *,*
I love the overall look and the colours you chose for it!
Just take my Gold :D
2017-05-14 11:21

Very Cool set :D
2017-05-14 19:24

My only issue is the boots, it looks a tad bit out of place. Very cool story and character though, love it! Amazing screenshots too. Gold =D
2017-05-14 20:56

really love the screenshots! takes me on an adventure. especially the first one, where is that place?? definitely a gold from me!
2017-05-19 23:48

Fashion Guru
Hey hey and thanks everybody for the comments!
To answer inferno's question the first screen is in Draconis Mons right at the beginning where u find a stonehead body laying on the floor. The other screens were takin either in Verdant Brink near the Itzel village or Auric Basin. Thanks again! :)
2017-05-20 7:28 in reply to inferno

ohh nice look!
I really like the dyes, they are dark and beautiful and the sylvari glow really gives it a nice touch. everything fits nicely to your new legendary :)
gold from me!
2017-05-29 6:41