Your Executioner

By Reona on May 11th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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5 3
2 0
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Darkness, silence, death, the black abyss calls to me for it is my home. I am a reaper, the necromancer designed for your demise. Stare into my eyes and see the green fire of the unliving. My minions' skulls display on my armor reminds you that your soul shall soon be mine. My hood of bladed steel will be the last face you shall ever see. I am that constant shadow that follows your every step, I am there in your darkest hour ready to end it all. In death, all things are even and in the undead, their souls are all mine to make a raise and fall as I see fit. I will always be there slowly walking towards you, my frozen embrace ready to consume you. Once I have you, you shall forever be mine to toy with. My little doll to torment for all eternity. I am your grim reaper, your never-ending nightmare, and your forever executioner. Fear me for I am Kalrend Blightclaw.


What a creepy look o.O
I love the armor-comb you chose, its pretty unique!
Though your colour-scheme is pretty simple, its actually working quite well on this look.
Your screens are very cool too!
There are mainly 2 things id like to nitpick: Some screens from a different map wouldve been cool (and some screens from daytime) + a few more words in the description.
But thats very minor stuff. Overall i really like this upload!
Gold from me :)
2017-05-12 10:21

Good points. I'll take a few more in the daytime. Also, I will work on a good backstory/description for him. That's what happens when you post late at night when your tired XD
2017-05-12 17:45

Okay update description and but some more screenshots, thanks again for the feedback :)
2017-05-12 21:05

Elessar Taralom
This is a really cool look for these shoulders and a very creative one on top of that
The way the metal ornaments on all those different armour sets come together is really great and it is emminent immediately what you were going for
Your screenshots also look very interesting and compliment the theme well
Gold! ^^
2017-05-14 6:45