The Caretaker

By RandomWolf on May 7th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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4 6
2 0
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Project idea:
I decided that I'm going to upload my characters and their current looks into this site. I would like to hear out your opinion regarding them. I've also taken the liberty of editing the screenshots to make them more appealing since my laptop isn't that great. I'm personally really fond of this work. I'm absolutely in love with the colours.

About the character:
Ysbali is such a curious and inspiring sylvari. She attempts to gather as much information as possible and try to make the best out of everything. She had a pod sister called Feixon and were inseparable.

Both Ysbali and Feixon would spend most of their time in a secret cave located in the Grove, dancing and playing the flute together. Feixon was more of a pessimist, but they still managed to enjoy themselves. She trusted her sister more than anyone else. Obviously, their life wasn't just fun and games. They both knew that the world of Tyria wasn't exactly safe and wanted to safeguard their home by being part of the Wardens. They trained almost every day and were eventually accepted among ranks.

Sadly it didn't go as they had hoped for. They were both placed on different forts and had different objectives. From that day further they stopped seeing each other more and more. It was during her short travels and work as a Warden that Ysbali met her faithful companion, a hound. She named it Caddoc and both became a team.

As time went on the sylvari wished to meet with her sister once more, but after sending out a few letters that got no reply, she decided to take action and see things through. Ysbali discovered that both her sister and another group of Warden had gone missing while investigating a shady spot believed to be infested by the dragon's minions. She refuses to believe that her sister is truly gone.


Elessar Taralom
The look in itself is pretty standard, but I have to give you major points for the presentation
Screens and description are just perfect and even though this might not be a look I never saw before, you really payed attention to detail and matched all the colours so well!
The main screen is also really great, gold for such a classic and lore friendly look! ^^
2017-05-08 13:07

Thank you. I tried to do what I could with what the game had to offer. I don't mind if the armours have been used in the past; I'm really satisfied with how it came out. And thanks for showing appreciation towards the screenshots too!
2017-05-08 18:26 in reply to Elessar Taralom

lovely ^^
2017-05-09 1:00