Vengeful Spirit - Part 2

By RandomWolf on May 7th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
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Project idea:
I decided that I'm going to upload my characters and their current looks into this site. I would like to hear out your opinion regarding them. I've also taken the liberty of editing the screenshots to make them more appealing since my laptop isn't that great. This is also an alternate look. You can find the original one in my gallery.

About the character:
She is called Deadly Amber. Amber doesn't have a surname. She never got one, so she doesn't see the need of having one. Amber grew up alone on the streets and had no friends. Life was rough and she had to live by with scraps and as a beggar. Some of the priests attempted to bring her to the Orphanage but she always avoided them at all costs, fearing for rejection.

One day, as a young teenager, Amber noticed an adventurer in the market and wanted to pickpocket him. She was caught and right when she was expecting a severe reaction from the man, he showed her something she hadn't seen in a very long time: kindness. He 'adopted' her and became her parental figure. She trained with the man and they were like a family.

However, he did not cease of his adventures and had to departure for a short time. He never came back. Amber was furious and sought vengeance. She was restless.. and years later she realised that this was not what her 'father' would have wanted for her. Amber decided to change the course that her life was heading to. She began to help people. She worked for the Order of Whispers for a time and then moved on to the Pact. After the Pact's failure, Amber returned to the Reach.


I was hoping for a few comments.
2017-05-10 15:07