Angel Guardian

By SaymintDE on May 6th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
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My not finished Angel Guardian Look


So ... you wanted an angelic look i suppose.
The armagedon set really doesnt go well with that theme then xD
You should try to find skins that look divine and clean. Dont be afraid to mix and match, it makes your outfit much more unique!
As colours you should use more than just full white. Mixing in some golden accents or blue, would enhance your optic quite a bit.
The same theme should apply to your weapons. Divine, clean, angelic (so wing-ornaments maybe) and dyes fitting those of your look.
2017-05-07 9:30

Fashion Guru
Pretty much what Hylek said. Some dyes to match the frostforged sword would work well.
2017-05-07 10:39

Fashion Collector
Well I did use one armageddon armor for mines but I think some of the other armor sets will be hard to get though but here ya go
2017-05-07 18:08

The wings pretty much ruin it.
2017-05-07 20:32

Imagine an Angel without wings
2017-05-10 7:12 in reply to RandomWolf