Ley Line Elementalist

By myziri on April 22nd, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
Vote Breakdown
3 8
1 0
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I thought it'd be cool if elementalists could control ley line energy like they do other elements, so I tried to make a look based off that! :D


Fashion Guru
I like your armour combo- particularly the seer coat which I feel like I don't see all that often. Your dye choice is also very nice: colourful but not too flashy.
With some weapons to match the look, possibly a headpiece and a few more screens this would be a gold from me.
2017-04-23 5:41

Elessar Taralom
I am simply in love with your dye mixture, it looks so sophisticated and well composed!
Also like the overall battlemage feel of your armourmix! I´d maybe give her different shoulders though, she is a little bottomheavy
Maybe some more attention to the overall presentation , the screens and description could be more plentyfull and this would definitley be a gold for me!
2017-04-24 16:24

Love the subtle dyes! But yea I agree with the others that the screens need some more work.
2017-04-25 12:14

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