Sylvari Reaper

By Karple on April 16th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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My first look on on this website and still learning all the features but his is my first look! I have not figured out the tool for dyes/armor but I can say that the torso, boots, gloves, and pants are sylvari cultural armor along with reaper hood and tribal mantle. I used shadow abyss and envy dyes throughout and my weapons are base reaper gs and orrian staff


Ctrl Shift H hides interface.
2017-04-16 16:15

Refia Montes
Try taking shots without the interface, it will greatly improve your presentation! ^^
2017-04-17 11:56

Fashion Guru
Like people have said, hiding the interface will let you take prettier screenshots. More screenshots might help for next time.

I really like what you've got going on here. There's good contrast between the green and the black. If there's room for a third color to make its way in once or twice, that might make it look even better. Perhaps a turquoise // sea green.

But I'm just a peon over here. Maybe you'd rather hear the opinion of someone who's....well, better, ha ha.
2017-04-19 11:14