Captain Ferreus the Unyielding

By Shaman Crinitus on April 14th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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22 5
3 0
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(The pistols are the Plasma Pistol skin, the Plasma weapons are missing from the selection box.)

Ferreus was born to an Iron Legion mother, his father an unknown pirate. He never got to know his mother - she gave him up just weeks after birth, and never sought to speak with him again. But he never tried to look for his parents, anyway.

Ferreus quickly made himself known as one of the most stubborn cubs of his generation. Once, his Primus discovered a sizable hidden collection of stolen guns and explosives. As an adolescent, he even spent time in the Stockade after stealing an Adamant Guard's rifle and threatening him with it.

He would never know it, but Ferreus took after his father, and while he was still a teenager, he took as many firearms as he dared, and fled the Black Citadel, robbing and stealing to survive. The Iron Legion followed his trail of crime through Tyria, hot on his heels, but they eventually lost him in the pirate-overrun Bloodtide Coast.

His arrogance should've gotten him killed, but he was lucky. He barged into a pirate camp, a pistol in each hand, ready to kill anyone in his way; and the captain happened to catch him first. Instead of shooting him on the spot, the captain took Ferreus into his crew, hoping to channel the charr's ferocity into something useful, at least to their cause.

The charr fit in extraordinarily well, maturing into a ruthless marauder - and leader. Ferreus asserted his presence enough to gather his own crew, out of respect and intimidation, and became captain after stealing himself a ship. In the prime of his life, he led countless raids throughout Tyria's coastlines, leading some of the bloodiest battles ever seen. And he wasn't just good at leading in combat; he also orchestrated several massive nonviolent heists, stealing thousands of pounds of gold and other valuable objects.

That was a long time ago, and Ferreus is getting on in years. But his stubbornness seems only to grow with his age, and the older he gets, the easier he gets what he wants.

A few years ago, he bore witness to Scarlet's invasion of Lion's Arch, and especially took a fierce stance against the Aetherblade pirates. Ferreus and his crew joined the fight against them, but for his own motives. He pushed himself and his crew hard, until most of them had abandoned him mid-battle.

Later, he would be praised as one of the great heroes of Scarlet's war, but it was the Aetherblades' weapons and technology that were the greater rewards. It did not come without cost: with only a few remaining crew members, and senescence slowly creeping up on him, he struggled to maintain his presence at sea, and was forced to face retirement.

Still, Ferreus had amassed quite a fortune from his time raiding, and citizens of Lion's Arch seemed to tolerate him after his incidental heroism. He assisted in the reconstruction efforts, reluctantly at first; but spending time with the community helped to focus his headstrong nature into something more constructive, and eventually he secured a permanent home in the newly rebuilt city.

Today, he can be seen marching the streets every day, greeting others with a sour grumble and a scowl. His temper flares easily, which entertains the Lionguard when they have to shut him up; and he's known for relentlessly pursuing thieves and vandals. He is passionately loyal and protective of Lion's Arch.

And of course, Ferreus spends his share of time at the taverns, drinking his fill and exchanging stories with other veteran citizens and travelers. And when children run up to him, asking about what it's like to be a pirate, he sits or walks with them for a while, recounting one of his many adventures in great (and embellished) detail.

Don't be fooled; Ferreus can behave as both an immovable object and an unstoppable force. He still gets what he wants. It's only circumstantial that what he wants now is favorable to everyone else. And when he sets his mind to something, it's best to stand out of his way.


I like the fabric-ish feel to your medium armor look. The dyes are also realistic and separates the softer fabric with the harder fabric well. Good old down to earth piratey feel!
2017-04-14 7:14

i like it. looks pretty cool and feels like a pirate. i think of one of those hook/stump skins would be interesting. colours fit. i like the pic with the ship, but some like the one on the carpet seems not fitting. :)
2017-04-14 14:43

I love it! Armor mix is a little too much Magitech for me, but screens are great, dyes are great, and a good backstory makes everything better. Gold from me.
2017-04-14 17:46

Elessar Taralom
Love this pirate look! The dyes are super on spot, it is always impressive to see this many different dyes used cohisively in one look
I love the inclusion of the technical pieces, they go very well with the Plasma pistols
Your presentation is simply amazing, big fat gold from me!
2017-04-14 20:51

Fashion Guru
This is a great pirate look. I love the details of the shoulders to incorporate the weapons. Your dye work is impeccable. Great screens. Gold.
2017-04-14 21:30

Shaman Crinitus
Thanks, everyone! This type of theme and color palette is outside my usual work, so I wasn't sure if y'all would like it - especially when the silent silver votes started coming.
2017-04-15 1:35

Fashion Collector
This is really nice, the way that the magitech pauldrons interact with the heritage jerking is fantastic, it's a really nice pirate look with a dash of steampunk, only thing I'd change would be maybe the boots to something more buccaneery, but this is solid gold fer me.
2017-04-15 8:08

really nice
2017-04-15 9:36

I love this, super cute and great presentation!
2017-11-09 21:50