Follower of Anubis - Grave Keeper

By Eremite on April 8th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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21 11
1 0
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Amidst the sand storm that raged across the desert plains, a small group of figures could be seen moving slowly against the swirling dust, trundling over the endless dunes.

They were all tightly wrapped in cloth from head to toe, with only the eyes showing. At the head of the group, a man raised his hand in a gesture to signal the group to stop. As the group huddled around wondering what had given their leader pause, he pointed ahead and whispered, "King Kutahleman's tomb...we are here." And as one, they turned and stared ahead, their mouths slowly gaping in awe. Before them stood an enormous tomb that towered into the dark smoky sky.

High above a cliff overlooking the tomb, a hooded figure could be seen kneeling and staring down at the group. "Grave robbers...", he rasped, "none will leave the tomb alive...". The swirling sands enveloping him as he turned away into the darkness...


Hello all. My new Reaper look. Love the trickster skins! Hope you like him too.

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Fashion Guru
*phew* been a while since I've been here.

I really like the look as it is now, however I do have minor issues with it.

Firstly, the amror combination is nicely done and makes a very nice fit. Weapon choices and aesthetics are nice, and even the dyes look amazing. A very natural and realistic looking reaper for sure.

The biggest part that throws me off however are the pants. They seem too... "normal" to fit a such look for me. At first I didn't notice them but the more I look at it, the more I have to notice the belt and the perfectly fitting pants, as opposed to the rest of the look which is more crazy and reaper-ish.

I'd love to see some screenshots from different angles/locations, though. Most of them seem to be the very same location and angle. I'm not saying they are bad quality, but they are just too similar.

The description is like a nice short book scene, quickly read and digested, fits the look on spot.

All in all a silver from me for now, but this can turn into a gold with some work.
2017-04-08 15:29

Fashion Guru
WOW! I find this absolutely stunning. I can honestly say I've never seen anything like this before. It reminds me kind of anime style, probably because of the body build (wide shoulders, thin legs), color combination and the whole atmosphere of the theme. Did you get inspiration somewhere?

Although you didn't use dark colors like usually, it still has the omnious taste and it's not only because of the hood.The weapon skins you chose are perfect. And very GJ on screenshots.

So... I love it! Gold!
2017-04-08 20:53

Thanks for the thoughts! I chose the pants as I had a liking for slimmer and slimmer looks, something like a sleek brawler and with a more modern feel. Glad you like the description =D
2017-04-09 0:25 in reply to Blackkarmy

I thought of doing a desert themed Reaper and just came up with this Anubis idea since Anubis was kind of like the god of the dead in Egypt desert lore.

And thanks for your lovely comment!
2017-04-09 0:27 in reply to Katushka

Fashion Guru
I do not believe I have ever seen a reaper in pants, nice idea! What no signature black? ;) Great screens and a cool concept. Gold from me.
2017-04-09 5:08

On first sight the pants look a little weird, but your ingame screens just look super epic!
Im absolutely diggin the colours you chose and the presentation around the desert areas! It looks super cool :D
I just love how dusty and old his cloth look due to the amazing colour-concept! Its giving him some mystical touch ... he might aswell be a mummy or some sort of ghost/spectre :o
Just super mysterious, love it!!!
The trickster gloves and boots are just my absolute favorites on male!
Love this look, Gold!!! :D
2017-04-09 6:57

Elessar Taralom
I think I am pretty much with blackarmy┬┤s criticism on this one; most of the armour looks really cool and mystic, making the pants feel a little out of place
Same with the criticism regarding the screens: your location is spot on and the provided screens are far from being badly shot or anything, it just feels like looking at the same two or three screens over and over
Maybe try bringing a little diversity to you screens
Other than that your dyes are really to my liking, they are subtle and dusty and while monochrome they really lend the character a lot of charm! Plus I like seeing you in particular trying around with something else than solid black
I am a little on the fence about the final vote, as there are some flaws for me, but overall it feels unfair to give a look that┬┤s overall this polished less than gold, so here you go!
2017-04-09 8:11

It was a massive struggle to omit abyss lol. Ty too for the thoughts =D
2017-04-10 9:58 in reply to jesandsteven

Ty for the lovely thoughts!
I was indeed hoping to create that dusty dirty mysterious look with the screen backdrop too at Edge of the Mists which has this area that is just perfect for such screens =D
2017-04-10 10:01 in reply to Hylek

Actually, I had felt a little disgruntled with how many of the current leggings we have are mostly robe-like or skirt-like or flare pants which wasn't really to my liking to be honest. I preferred sleeker more combat brawler modern city-ish type of leggings, especially for male toons. Hence my choice here for the pants as it was the closest option I had to a sleeker look.

I was trying to create what Katushka said in her comment above. Heavily influenced by cool anime styling =D

If you or blackkarmy could suggest an alternative to portray that mystic look better though, that would be great!

Also thank you for the thoughts!
2017-04-10 10:09 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Lucent Mirage
Wow it's amazing dye so perfect I love your armor set ;)
2017-04-10 12:50

Ty for ur lovely thoughts =)
2017-04-10 22:01 in reply to Lucent Mirage

Fashion Guru
This has inspired me to do an Anubis look down the road. With luck they'll release a dog headed Awakened headpiece of some sort.
2018-07-03 7:08

Great job! I normally don't like these skins as much, but you did really well :)
2018-10-29 21:25

Thanks for the comment.
I love your screenshots too. Your screens are a work of art, I found them to be very soft and real. There is a feminine grace and softness in your screens that I don't see in others.
2018-10-31 1:13 in reply to Ivory

That's lokks very cool. I like this outfit.
2019-01-03 14:55

You use that chestpiece very well! I've been inspired. Great dyes too
2019-09-06 21:14