By Lelling on April 6th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Green
Vote Breakdown
1 8
0 0
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I love a classic, understated look - I like earthy tones and a subdued look, with only one or two highlights. I tried making a very classic-looking, but still noticeable Sylvari =)

P.S.: The gifs are a bit smudgy but I wanted to include them :P


Fashion Collector
I like this, it's a really decent heavy sylvari look, armour could be a bit more mixed, but it goes together well where you've mixed it, I like the half crescent the mask gives your eyes, compliments the shield, could use some improvement, but is really solid as it is. Screenshots could use some work too, but I love that you included a gif on there, don't see that often, it's a good idea! I give it a silver, bit more of some clever armour mixing would tip it into a solid gold.
2017-04-06 10:48

I feel like the dyes could be done a bit better. The blue looks like a splotch in a sea of green, maybe spice it up a bit more and spread the dyes out.
2017-04-06 18:57

Elessar Taralom
A very solid Sylvari look, armour could be a bit more mixed, but on the other hand we already saw pretty much all combinations of cultural Sylvari armour anyways
The mask is a great addition and I like how your dye work reflects the Warden weapons
Overall a really nice lore friendly look, silver from me :)
2017-04-08 6:35