Lucid Code. PvP Thief.

By LucidKnight on April 6th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
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1 2
2 0
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Red/Gold colored Thief.
Matching Outfit with matching Legendaries. ;)

Backpiece is: (Lightbringer's Pack)

Weapons: (Incinerator / Gold Fractal Pistol) / (Chuka and Champawat)


Even so it is a pop character I would like to see some screens outside of the heart of the mists. maybe from an arena? you could fight Svanir e.g.
I like the armor combination and the dye job but it is not a very unique comination. Also a screen from a neutral area (character select) would be pleasant. Try using different fields of view for a more exciting presentation.
Your presentation is a Silver for me. You thought about the dyes to use and matched them... o.k. I am a fan of colouring armor the way the materials would actually look like in reality. I know it is still a game and you have the freedom to choose from a hell a lot of dyes and every hue you can imagine, but you meet the combination of black, red, gold, white and blue in every corner of the game.
It is a cool looking game-like character. When you add some more different screens from other areas and work just a little on the description (e.g. why you used certain armor pieces) I will take another look at your style and it might become gold- even if it lacks originality. :)
2017-04-06 6:02