The Hellhound

By Ashwolf on April 5th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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The Gods influence may be faint, but it is not gone, and wherever the fires of war are stoked, the scions of Balthazar soon follow, feeding on the very essence of battle, making the blood boil and the rage seep. Beware however, for they do not discriminate, think not the scions to be on your side, lest you be smote by the sword you deemed as protection.

So, this is what I was able to put together with the braham's shoulderpad, I really wanted to use it and ended up seeing the parallels between it and the Balthazar weapons, so I took the shield and made an armour around it. Let me be the first to say the dye job as it is is not the best. but trying to make the overly glossy shoulderpad fit with the rest is a nightmare, i hope you enjoy this.


The idea looks good. What i feel however (though it's my personal feeling that can be polar opposite to yours) is that your Hellhound is more of a hot dog. Tha armor lacks the proper "hells inferno" in it.

Look at the pics - you got molten lava flowing around you, molten hammer in your hand, yet your armor is ...dusty golden or something similar. Try aiming for darker tone, that makes the armor look more scorched, like that dark bazalt in pictures. I also can't say how it'll look, but maybe a piece of hellfire armor (from achies) could add to the look. But that's a bit complex matter as they're very strong visually and don't know if even one wouldn't break the balance of the look.

At any rate go for darker hue then gold, and you'll be...golden.

Also there's a LOT of burning/flaming armor skins, be sure to give them a look over in warderobe!

Oh, and if this character is a human, then don't just stand there in lava looking stupid!
Summon your hounds of Balthazar and make pics!:)
2017-04-05 9:47

Elessar Taralom
I really like your take on the shoulders and overall you did a great job!
The helmet and the boots in particular support your idea well and make him look pretty menacing and dog-like
To a degree I agree with zefirez about the dyes; I don´t think they look bad at all, but it lacks the certain "bite" the glowing orange on the shoulders have
I am also not 100% convinced by the top, I feel like it doesn´t completely fit with the theme, just a little too tame
But you did totally make up for everything with the presentation! Your screens have a great feeling and overall it is a solid gold for me, good job ;3
2017-04-05 11:26

Fashion Collector
To adress the dye choices and the subverted armour, I wanted to match the Balthazar shield skin more, which I still didn't acomplish very well, but is closer to it that just bursting into flames and wearing pitch black, with this I tried to go more for a martial type of look, keeping the magical essence of it to the minimum of the shoulderpad and the shield itself. I have had other things suggested as well, like the flame legion haulberk and such, but I feel it's just putting an unnecessary flashy turn on something I want to look a bit more functional. Thanks for the suggestions though, I'll definitely work on this, if I ever get the hellfire core pieces as well.
2017-04-05 11:44 in reply to Zefirez

Fashion Collector
Thank you, Elessar! I have been looking around, but I really liked the way the top part of the phalanx looked heavy but still formal. The others that have that type of bulkiness I either already use on other suits and don't want to repeat or don't fit the theme, like the forgemans top, the studded plate or the heavy plate things. Again, my intention here is to mainly make an avatar of war, not of fire, I feel the background I chose were a bit too much of a flair into the fire side, should reevaluate that. XD
2017-04-05 11:49 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Guru
I too feel like the armor combo is a bit off. I like that the gloves have a bit of the leather type straps that the shoulders and the chest have. I really like the top choice! I think it matches the shield very well, and it follows the flow of the shoulders, and helmet. I think maybe the legs don't blend too well. But, if you change those the gloves wouldn't make much sense, and the boots may look out of place as well. I like that you used this dye palate to match the weapons and did not use flame elements. I do not think flaming bits would make much sense here.
Your screens are lovely, but very dark. Ember bay has some of the best lighting in game IMO and I feel like you may have missed an opportunity there. I always look for where the sun/moon is shining and stand in the light source. I sometimes forgo a cool look area if it is cloaked in too dark of shadows.
This is a great look, keep up the good work! Gold from me.
2017-04-05 21:33

Fashion Collector
I'd been wanting to use that specific leg/boot combo for a while, I may have jumped the gun putting them on this guy, but I wanted something more bestial to take away some of the humani-ness of it, so I went with it, the ridges on the grasping deads belt do line up decently with the chestpiece, i'd think, but there is a lot of dissonance between the top and the bottom, you're right. XD

With the screens i took'em at night time in Ember Bay, wanted a more ephemeral look, just turned out dark. Switched to Fireheart for some more light, but the more burnt areas are pretty overcast as well. Thank you for your comment!
2017-04-06 4:02 in reply to jesandsteven

Im absolutely digging this look!!!
The balthazar theme is so well done! He really looks like his acolyte, without using that outfit ;D
Your screens are amazing too, so well done!
Gold Gold Gold :D
2017-04-06 7:10

Pretty nice classical RPG feel to it =D I think the armor dye is a bit too flat though, needs to be rustier or have more metallic sheen to it. Aside from that, really solid look.
2017-04-06 18:59

Lanaya Mirrorblade
Very "Champion of Balthazar" esque- although that's only because of the Dark Templar helm. Looks nice and realistic, not too flashy and more lava/red would be nice but you wanted to match the shield. I think you can contrast the armor more while still maintaining the look with your weapons tho
2017-04-07 1:12

Fashion Collector
Thanks Hylek!
2017-04-07 7:10 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Collector
Yep, I have to fiddle with the dyes on this a lot, it's a relatively new suit for me, so I haven't tweaked it a lot.
2017-04-07 7:10 in reply to frederickx

Fashion Collector
Yeah I definitely do, and maybe find a better chestpiece, I noticed after the matter that that is the exact helmet that and avatar of Balthazar in game uses. Thanks for the comment!
2017-04-07 7:11 in reply to Lanaya Mirrorblade

Fashion Guru
Honestly, whilst I feel you could slightly refine this look in time the love and attention you have given to your screenshots make this an automatic gold from me. Interesting pics like this are why I visit this site.
2017-04-07 14:35

Fashion Collector
Thank you, most of the screenshots even suprise me, really, the most editing I do is to resize the shot for better framing, but I do that very rarely, on none of these I think, but this game in high graphics is just plain beautiful.
2017-04-07 16:37 in reply to Mihrean

reminds me of a balthasar knight or something. really cool
2017-04-13 8:00

very unique and it looks so good!
2019-03-23 11:52