The path of solitude

By Schilti on March 29th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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I was once a member of the vigil, there I had people who I used to call friends, people who I loved. We spent time together training, laughing, living. Now that I think about it, we only had good times together, we never had any arguments, we never fought against each other, we were a family.
This all changed after the rise of Mordremoth, one after the other, my fellow sylvari comrades turned against us. People who I once was willing to defend with my life were my enemies. I decided to try to change their mind, I tried to remind them of all the good times we had, but none of that worked. One time my best friend turned against me, he rose his sword and wounded me. Since then a scar is visible, a scar which reminds me of the one who had taken everything from me - Mordremoth.

Day by day, I train to get better, train to defeat my mortal enemy - alone. Needless to say that after what happened my other comrades abandoned me, I was their enemy, they gave me the choice: Run and live or die.
Sure it is hard to withstand the haunting and taunting noises which float through my mind, trying to seduce me every minute. But I'll stay strong, for my beloved ones who I lost to the call of the jungle, for Tyria and for me!

"I will be victorious, I wont let him succed like this, I will have my revenge!"


Hello to all you GW2 Style browsing people out there! :D
You clicked on my third post (wich I posted like 1 day after the last one.... I may be a bit addicted... but just a little bit .-. ).
This is my beloved Sylvari thief Neikan!
He is probably one of my most favourite characters right now (Alltough I love them all haha ;D), maybe because he is a thief, maybe because he is a Sylvari I dont know. :3

- I tried to let him look like a lone man, wandering arround minding his own stuff
- The dyes are rather plain (green, brown, gray) emphasising his character and lore
- I chose Tigris as the weapon for him because I just love its design and I personally thought that the whole legendary would be a bit over the top.
- Lastly the screens I made were taken in deserty looking areas of the game so that the feeling of loneliness and rejection is a bit stronger

Sooo if you have any suggestions please let me know! :D
But as always, thanks for future feedback and have a wonderful day/night!

Your Schilti \^-^


Oh. Wow.
This is probably one of if not the best precursor looks I've ever seen.
Straight gold from me - love the theme and your screens! I'd probably incorporate some green into his outfit though, to match his hair.
2017-03-29 22:10