The Cherub

By Ashwolf on March 28th, 2017
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
Vote Breakdown
7 3
3 0
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Gravah was one of the best charr students the Priory ever had the luck of snatching, her only downfall being her attention span comparable only to that of an hyperactive moa. During her riffling of the many arcane remnants in the Priory's archive, she stumbled upon a dormant artifact, a staff of sorts, upon touching it it quickly bounded to Gravah, turning her into a veritable avatar of Dwayna. As with everything Gravah...quickly harnessed this power for mischief more than for good.

With this look I wanted to give my selfless potion some use, so I decided to put it on my elementalist, which isn't a good idea, because I constantly go down and have to put the potion back on, but this is what I build around it, feathered wings were a must, so I put'em on, complimented them with the trickster shoulders. I also liked how the trickster vest, orrian gloves and magus shroud all blended really nicely together, so I put those with an unavoidable pair of feathered pants. Bestial nature of the charr reminded me of the cherubim, so I'm goin with that as the overarching theme for this, though really it was just fun to try and make an angel charr work.


For me this is an eye catching charr. I like how he looks like some kinda angelic creature. Mask and those wings... and gloves as well is my favorite. Sad that you can't color that red scarf as it seems to stand out from white and gold coloring. But despite that, I love the look. Gold.
2017-03-29 21:00

Fashion Collector
Thank you, you actually can! I just have it red to break the colour scheme up a bit. XD
2017-03-30 4:32 in reply to 5fleas

Fashion Guru
I somehow missed this, so I shall comment now :)
I love her. I rarely like the wing, but they make sense here. The shoulders and the legs are OFC a great choice. The gloves seem a bit off, but I do like that they have eyes, and her eyes are covered. The red does not work IMO. I think you should bring in a grey for the scarf bit and add that color to the legs as well to accentuate her spots and break up the really bright white a bit. if you do that the gold may be too bright and you may need to switch that to a more muted color ;) Gold from me.
2017-04-05 21:41

Fashion Collector
Thank you for coming back to this, this char has a special place fer me and I feel she got overlooked a bit. We'll see how her other suits turn up in here!

For the scarf I have had it in a more muted blue before, I changed it to this red to make it a bit more vibrant, but suppose that might've been a mistake. With the gloves and headpiece combo I was trying to make them bleed into the tricksters strapped upper arm parts, aside that, with the leg piece, I would love to put some more colour into it, but the dye channels work in this weird way that if you colour one of the ones I have in white to something else, it dyes the tips of the wings that colour on the front, and two of the wings on the back are completely dyed on that colour, I don't know what to do about that to be honest... XD
2017-04-06 4:07

Fashion Guru
What a cute Charr angel! I like the shoulder combo with wings, dye combo is also great (celestial is always fine). The usual Charr theme is overcame here. Red scarf on the vest is nice contrasting thing. Well done here.
2018-06-09 6:13