Blue Zodiac

By Katushka on March 25th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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This is my new submit after a long time and 1st time I'm trying Reshade presets (it's magic :) ).

About the look:
Blue sylvari + zodiac armor is nothing new. I wanted to try that for a very long time, but couldn't find the right armor mix. Recently I was able to buy Rampart armor in gem store and finaly finished the look.

Still I had to make some compromises, because choosing boots on sylvari is a pain. Too many are clipping, half of them are disproportionately big and the rest just didn't fit the theme. So in the end I chose Ornate Guild Greaves, tho they are not perfect match. Also I wanted different gloves, but they didn't go with the boots... such a struggle.

Dyes are all different shades of blue - the aim was to get the whole armor look good (to me at least) and when I tried to add come different colors, I didn't like it, so I stayed with the simple light blue/dark blue combination.


What an interesting armor-comb!
I like how you used the zodiac chest here and built around it!
As you said yourself, blue ssylvari + zodiac has been a thing for quite a while, however i cannot recall many heavy armor looks to pull off that theme well.
I like how you used the ramapart armor around the torso and the illustrious legs go well with that appearence!
Your screens look very pretty and i like how you connected the locations to your look colourwise :D
The fist screen might be my favorite, since the light from the background, breaking through the trees looks very mystical!
Great upload, Gold from me :)
2017-03-25 14:37

Fashion Guru
Thanks for kind words, I'm really glad you like it :)
2017-03-25 15:47 in reply to Hylek

I love this :O Love the use of the dyes to make the pants look like the blue energy that the zodiac armors have. Great use of the rampart armor too, matches the metal plating on the zodiac chestpiece. The re-shade looks amazing too! Gold from me =)
2017-03-25 18:51

Fashion Guru
I love it! It reminds me kinda of power ranger haha, I always loved good combinaiton of armor with some zodiac elements, and u went out with this very well. Well, about this zodiac looking looks, as u said it nothing new, but i still find it enjoyable, it doesnt matter if this is super unique or no, as loong as it look good and u like it! Keep it up man.
2017-03-25 19:17

Please do use one of those amazing shots as your cover pic! They look great!
2017-03-26 0:33

Fashion Guru
Thank you very much :)
2017-03-26 6:51 in reply to frederickx

Fashion Guru
2017-03-26 6:53 in reply to horsie

Fashion Guru
Thank you :)
2017-03-26 6:54 in reply to KestrelGirl

Fashion Guru
And thanks for advice too, I tried it and you're right. It looks much more interesting to have cover image other than from character select :)
2017-03-26 7:08 in reply to KestrelGirl

2017-03-26 15:59

Fashion Guru
Thanks :)
2017-03-26 16:10 in reply to soka

Sweet Baby Jesus! Looks awesome! Gold!
2017-04-07 4:47

Fashion Guru
Thank you! :D
2017-04-07 20:50 in reply to Boar

awesome! I love how well the zodiac top matches to the other armor pieces and her skin. the illustrious legs look very nice in this outfit.
gold from me :)
2017-04-12 9:09

Fashion Guru
Thanks :)
2017-04-12 10:39 in reply to Chro

Sometimes I had one of those looks that every armor piece needs a different dye to look the same color, I know how hard can it be sometimes, even more if you want to make it similar to a blue color that you can't change. The thing that makes this look special in my opinion is the helmet, since I saw it the first time I liked it but it never fits in my characters, however in this one does look great :D
About the boots, it is usually the part I like the less about the game armor because in most of the armors they are too big, the same happens with the shoulders, but I don't see any problem of it in this look.

Oh, and I love the subtle edits that you did to the screenshots
2017-06-15 8:44

Fashion Guru
Thank you :) I aswell like the helmet a lot and agree it's not easy to combine with the armors in game.
2017-06-15 10:26 in reply to Migg