Formal Purple Aetherblade Dress

By Princess Cinderella on March 24th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Purple
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Introducing the Formal Purple Aetherblade Dress.

Great for elegant social events or out adventuring in the woods. Outfits includes a white dress shirt, soft coat, skirts, knee high socks, and fashionable boots. A red flowers back piece help complete the looks, and keeping the theme of Red Riding. Boots comes in black and includes a stylish red buckles, ribbons, and red buttons.

Vegan flux leather, all man made material, no animals was harm.

Outfits includes an optional red fuzzy cat hood and shoulder, to also add to the Red Riding theme. (Its the cutest hood I can find, the others hoods didn't really look cute. And I wanted something that keep the Red Riding theme.)


Honeslty i'm suprised how a red hood with 0 context to rest of the armor pieces can look...tolerable, even somewhat nice (least on login screen).

That aside the look looks like experiment with potential gone wrong. The first offender being the village people undies. I'm sure they were a hit sale among 17th centry farmer wifes, but here and how if you gotta show of lyngerie, i'd rather see actual one, instead of this tried and true combat-use boxers.

The coat and it's hues look good (gives of the excentric aristocrat feeling), the boots also match. but these damn boxers and almost invisible gloves don't add to the feel.

The desert rose is also out of whack and place.
And lastly that horrible ress, up render sampling for your screenshots pls.

2017-04-05 10:18